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Yuchai Approved as "National Demonstration Base for Talents Introduction"

Recently, Yuchai was approved as "National Demonstration Base for Talents Introduction (hereinafter referred to as "the Base")" targeting at industrial technology innovation by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China, the only company approved in Guangxi Province in 2020.

The Base is part of the work of  the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs for creating a talents introduction platform to further innovate in and improve the building of the national talents introduction system and promote introduction of foreign talents to better serve the national socio-economic development. Targeted at introduction of well-educated, highly skilled, top-notch and rare talents, this platform will gather high-level foreign talents, make innovations in introducing national talents and launching talents introduction systems, and make, transform and promote application of major achievements made in talents introduction. The Base is classified into four categories: Strategic Science & Technology Development, Industrial Technology Innovation, Social and Ecological Construction and Revitalization of Agriculture and Villages. The Base targeting at Industrial Technology Innovation refers to a company that by introducing foreign talents, has made remarkable accomplishments in technology R & D, technique improvement and management optimization, thus contributing to the industrial innovation and development.

Yuchai has been paying attention to the construction of the Base. Since 2013, Yuchai has brought in dozens of foreign top talents from many internationally renowned enterprises and R & D centers, including Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Isuzu, IBM and AVL, to provide technical guidance and talents trainings for Yuchai in terms of the engine R & D technology, lean production, supply chain management, quality management QCD improvement, field and logistics improvement, TPM improvement, IT, HR management and other fields. Thanks to their efforts, Yuchai was the first to launch the China VI T4 engine which meets the latest emission statutory requirements and is based on the world’s first-class technologies, driving Yuchai forward on its way of going global. Meanwhile, Yuchai has made itself a model in terms of foreign talents introduction and transformation of achievements made in this aspect in the domestic engine industry.

Being approved as the National Demonstration Base for Talents Introduction is a recognition of Yuchai's work in talents introduction and engine technology development. In the future, Yuchai will make greater efforts in building a platform to gather higher-level foreign talents and make innovations in transformation of high-level research achievements, effectively implement the national talents introduction projects, utilize funds for talents introduction as regulated, and prioritize making of major achievements in talents introduction, so as to constantly improve its competitiveness in engine industrial technologies, boost the development of domestic engine industry to the top of the global value chain and make continuous contributions in winning the new blue sky battle in China.

(Ling Guangjian)

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