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Perfect “Core” Wins Trust Yuchai Machine Provides Convoy for the Hajj in Saudi Arabia

It is the annual hajj again.

According to the statistics of the authoritative department, the number of hajj trips of this year was 410,000 more than that of the last year. The total number of pilgrims in this hajj amounts to nearly three million.

So huge a number of pilgrims gathered together burdened the service providers. Mecca has no airport. If a pilgrim goes to Mecca, he/she has to go to Jeddah Airport in the neighboring city of Mecca, and then choose other transportation vehicles to go to Mecca. Road transportation is the main transportation way in Saudi Arabia, and taking a coach is naturally the best choice. Among the coaches, the high-quality Chinese coach is the main force. Yuchai motors play a big role for the coaches.

Clients of Saudi Arabia Speak Highly of Yuchai

For Muslims, either men or women, they will try their best to have at least one hajj in Mecca in their lives.

Maybe Allah wants to test the pilgrims. The time of hajj each year is the hottest season in Saudi Arabia, and the highest temperature of the pitch road can reach nearly 80°C. Wind blown by the sand is usually seen in the gobi and desert. A number of heat waves come with sand storm. And that is the operation and work environment confronting Yuchai motors. Without high-quality products and considerate services, it is difficult to take hold for Yuchai motors.

Hafil is the biggest passenger corporation in Saudi Arabia, and it purchases the passenger coaches assembled with Yuchai motors in recent years. Currently, the corporation owns more than 12,000 passenger coaches, of which more than 70% were assembled with Yuchai motors, and the number is more than 8,300.

Mr. Abu. Haney, general manager of Hafil Transport Company L.L.C., expressed that he was very satisfied with the quality, performance, service and other aspects of the motor produced byYuchai. Among the buses serving the hajj of 2018, Yuchai machine once again kept the record of low failure rate.

Thus, in the batch purchase this year, Hafil Transport Company L.L.C. again purchased 600 buses assembled with Yuchai motors.

Speaking of Yuchai motors, Abu. Haney was full of praise for the nanny-like service. He mentioned “get used to” many times. He said they get used to the products of Yuchai and the all-day “fast and honest” service of Yuchai. It can be said that as long as Yuchai service is there, the users have the sense of safety. He told the reporter that another brand of motor tried to get into the purchase system of Hafil Transport Company L.L.C. with more favorable and better service policies, but he was never persuaded and kept purchasing Yuchai motors. That was the trust for Yuchai brand.

Perfect “Core” Service Helps the Convoy

This trust was not formed one day. Decades of years of low-failure records let Yuchai machine win the clients in the hajj of Saudi Arabia.

“Take out all our belongings, try our best, be sincere to users and be honest to all men”, such service goal of Yuchai service team tried their best and practiced the goal with the best effort in the market of Saudi Arabia. Each year, 30 days before the hajj and 20 days after the hajj, Yuchai service team provides 24-hour on-call security service.

The climate in Saudi Arabia is dry and hot, featuring year-round high temperature. The outdoor temperature can reach as high as 48°C during the hajj period. In such terrible condition, Yuchai service team still kept resilient fighting capacity. In the day time, the service staff work under direct sunshine and have sweat on all their backs; at night, the service staff cooperate with the main engine plant and detect the hajj vehicle. It is usual that they worked till midnight.

This year, to provide good transportation service experience for millions of Muslims, Yuchai machine has started their service preparation early. Yuchai machine has got large orders of Saudi Arabia’s clients frequently. For example, Zhongtong bus ordered 942 machines, 600 pilgrimage vehicles of Ankai and nearly 400 pilgrimage vehicles of King Long. The new orders raised higher requirements for Yuchai Saudi Arabia service team.

The reporter has heard that the company has made adequate preparation of parts for the machine of this year; on the other hand, considerate plans have been made. The staff of the company examined and repaired the vehicle in use to ensure each vehicle in use is normal and to provide good services for the hajj.

Services Help World Development

In this way, year after year, the company has persevered to the principle for more than ten years. “We only want to guarantee that each hajj vehicle operates normally and each pilgrim has a comfortable journey”. In the interview, Yuchai Saudi Arabia service team expressed their plain original aspiration: live up to the trust of clients and don’t bring humiliation to China’s brands.

Just this perseveration defended the status of Yuchai machine in the market of Saudi Arabia. Its eleven years in the market of Saudi Arabia increased the number of Yuchai motors from the earliest number of 3,000 to current 21,000. In the recent 10 years, more than 60% of Chinese coaches running on the road of Saudi Arabia were assembled with “Yuchai Core”. The company deserves the name of the first brand for Saudi Arabia’s coach motor.

This was just a miniature of Yuchai’s overseas services. As the bellwether of China’s coach motors, Yuchai takes up high market share of China’s coaches in the overseas market and enjoys high reputation, and the reason is that it relies on the quality of the product and the service. On one hand, it is based on independent innovation of core technologies, providing good-quality products for more than 180 countries and regions in the world; on the other hand, by building a global service system, it builds an emotional connection with clients.

Hafil Transport Company L.L.C. is the best example. The relevant person in charge of the overseas department of Yuchai Stock Sails Company told the reporter that companies like Hafil Transport Company L.L.C. firmly select Yuchai, because Yuchai highly values its service system and keeps investing on it. For example, Yuchai has prepared adequate parts in the consolidated storage of Saudi Arabia, and it can solve the failure the same day when the failure happens. Moreover, it has established service station image stores and training centers to show powerful brand strength and improve clients’ confidence on Yuchai brand.

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