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Grand Stage for Two Kind of People by Two Associations in Yuchai

I regularly heard about the activity held by the “two association” when I paid a visit to Yuchai this year and knew nothing about it. Then, I got the answer and they are Yuchai Science & Technology Association (YSTA) and Yuchai Technician Association (YTA) in brief. In May, 2013, the two associations shared the same office with two plates, one group and one full-time staff. Further, Chen Jinyuan, chief technique master of Yuchai and president of YTA acted as the director of YSTA at the same time.

As the dominant product of Yuchai, engine is the “heart” of vehicle, which boasts high technological content. Yuchai always enjoys a leading position in emission thanks to its high-quality technology talents and technicians. The group always thinks about how to develop their potentials better.

“The integrated management sets up a grand stage for the two kind of people and through which ,they could make the best of the two worlds and gives the result of 1+1>2 much easier owing to their theories and craft,” said Chen Jinyuan. Presently, there are 1200 members in YTA and 1500 in YSTA. The title of technician or engineer is a must to become the member of the two associations.

Dedicators at the Pedestal of Pyramid

A high percentage of science and technological type talents are sacrificing and growing silently and Tan Dahui, senior engineer and vice president of Yuchai Engineering institute is the representative of them.

After graduation in 1989 majoring in internal combustion engine, Mr. Tan took his first position of laboratory technician and then acted as the staff for product design and application development etc. Ten years later since his entry, he is one of the first batch of Project manager and took charge of the development of the YC6108ZQB product as a system of project manager was implemented in Yuchai. Then, two years later, the product became a leading product in the market.

Mr. Tan mainly took charge of cost reduction by technique from 2006, which saved 150 million Yuan in the institute in a period of four years. “The cost reduction is mainly realized by the alteration and optimation for design plan, which is simple even if it seems very highly sophisticated.” For his work, Mr. Tan said unhurriedly that as a means of cost reduction of getting instant results, the cost of each package could become two Yuan from seven without using effect when the wooden spare parts case is changed into the packaging bag of the material of waterproof.

In consideration of the cost reduction by means of structure optimization, Mr. Tan also has his complacent works. That is, the engine cylinder head could lose weight by eight kg and each kilo could lead to a cost reduction of 8-9 Yuan. Mr. Tan said, “This type of cylinder head may be manufactured for fifty thousand annually.”

Then, he was in charge of malfunction closed loop. When engine breaks down, a series of work should be done to look for reasons. The closed loop can be made when the faults are removed. “Generally speaking, the trouble could be resolved, whether it is longer or short.” Mr. Tan said that they aimed to complete closed loop in three to five months on time for improving work efficiency. The one-time closed loop rate of the fault of new product has been lifted to 53% in 2013 from the past 47% and it becomes 65% so far this year.

Different from pure scientific research, the work of Mr. Tan covers various things and sectors, which could be completed by coordinating the resources from all parties. “This must stresses working method,” said Mr. Tan. For instance, they established a weekly regular meeting for malfunction solution by virtue of the order of the institute, which asked for material experts and the chief technician to attend the meeting for discuss faults and determine solutions. Moreover, they asked for project managers organize a malfunction analysis meeting for their project monthly to have a centralized treatment for the problems met in their projects.

In addition, Mr. Tan uses motivation and assessment skillfully. He awards his project managers who put forward their objective of malfunction closed loop rate and reach the objective. Or, each staff of the project will be punished by deducting bonus. “Dozens of Yuan as punishment is symbolical, which mainly remind them to enhance sense of urgency for those who fail to complete the tasks,” said Mr. Tan.

Putting his management inside, Mr. Tan is the representative of a lot of basic scientific and technological personals of Yuchai, which is not the top developers, but the grass rooted engineers. All the achievements of Yuchai will be nothing without their dedication in lab, workshop and production line.

The Engineers Never Be Quiet Again

“These engineers are too quiet. The integration of the office of the two associations aims to set up a platform to demonstrate their talents through the booming activities carried out by YTA.” Chen Jinyuan introduced that the first session of technology contest for engineer had been prepared by the two associations this year and they would compete in the three items of 3D modeling drawing, electrical appliances designing and track design, data programming and operation.

Mr. Chen said all the workers participating for the technology contest knew that in this athletics arena, the exchange is much important apart from developing their skills. You could “improve your ability” by learning others and I hope they will benefit from the contest.

Following the overseas investigation trip last year, the first batch of expedition team sent this year had come back including technique masters and engineers in all the six members.

“Overseas investigation is to formulate our developing direction by comparing to international standards and most advanced manufacturing technology,” said Chen Jianming, secretary general of the two associations. For example, they found a two mm ultra-thin water jacket core could be made by foreign peer in the overseas investigation trip of technicians. When coming back home from abroad, the members, led by Mr. Chen, carried out the development with brainstorm. Now, the “high strength and ultra-thin engine body water jacket high0-end technology” boasts a technological level nearly equal to the technologies of Benz and BMW.

Mr. Chen said that the overseas investigation trip this year is still have its prepared aims. They will look for their answers for their subjects and problems. When going back, they would report in the 800-seat auditorium and answer the problems for them in the interaction link. Mr. Chen said, “the arrangement of the system makes the investigation has pertinence, which shows better results.”

Besides, the newly-established Yuchai women staff innovative studio this year embodies rich colors of the two associations, which consists of six engineers and four senior technicians. Moreover, the two associations stipulate at least 30% technicians or engineers should be absorbed in the teams of different nature.

“The matching is very nice, which demonstrates obvious effect in our subject “improving the production efficiency of the complete machine in the No.1 engine factory” of us,” said Xu Yanni, the leading staff of the studio and senior technician. For instance, engineers play a vital role in the balance computation in statistical data, analyzing data and production line. We unite in a concerted effort to conquer the project.”

The Confusion of the Two Associations Shows Obvious Effects

Now, the confusion of the two associations has become a common thing thanks to the hard work over the past year.

The eight professional expertise teams composed by the two associations have carried out a “multi-dimensional perspective” investigation and study in the country aiming to provide solution for special subjects comparing to the standard of the domestic advanced enterprises. They quickly rectify and reform after coming back.”34 differences have been summarized by internal combustion engine assembly crew and 17 rectification and reform have been carried out in one week by the No.2 engine factory,” said Chen Jianming.

“The annual activities like technological, skill training for branches and subsidiaries have new styles this year. Instead of a separate activity, the activity is jointly implemented by engineers and technicians, which could meet the requirements of theatrical and operational at the same time this year with a wonderful result of feedback,” said Xu Yanni, engineers deliver new design scheme and more optimal system and technicians provide operational approaches.

For the past one year, the operation of YSTA is much smooth with the unified coordination and resource integration. Referring to the key work of master studio of YTA, YSTA explores an academy management mode, which launches technological and theoretical activities taking academy as the leading organization of various professional expertises. “We have added management and IT academies based on internal combustion engine and casting ones,” said Mr. Chen, “We’ll establish more such academies next year and make the academies become the platforms to communications, viewing and emulating, mutually referencing and help each other.”

“The leaders of Yuchai pay high attention to the activities of the two associations,” Mr. Chen said, “Yan Ping, Chairman of the board had enquired on the matter in person and awarded the activities annually. This year has witnessed 88 brainstorm projects for the two associations and 30 for YTA and 58 for YSTA respectively. Some of these projects show first-rate manufacturing standard in the world and some could satisfy the development strategies of the products of Yuchai as supporting technology, which play a safeguarding role in lessening light and thickness, large casting manufacturing, fast processing etc. In November, these projects will be present an integrated report and exhibition and all the employees look forward to it very much.”

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