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Yuchai Group passes review of "National Model Base for Corporate Culture Building"

Upon a recent strict review by the expert panel of the China Corporate Culture Institute (CCCI), Yuchai Group will continue to retain the title of "National Model Base for Corporate Culture Building".

Yuchai Group has upheld the core values of "Green Development & Harmony Win-win", comprehensively improved its management level through outstanding culture and kept pushing forward corporate culture building. Since being honored as "National Model Base for Corporate Culture Building" in 2012, the group has made continuous innovation in corporate culture building and expanded the coverage of activities so as to create a strong atmosphere of corporate culture building. The group has been committed to building a "Chinese capital of green power", constructed a green value system, advanced green manufacturing by developing green products, conducted lean operation, implemented green emission, developed green energy, conducted green management, blended the green value concept into production operation and daily work, study and life, displayed Yuchai's green value and image in full process and in an all-round manner, and pioneered the development of Chinese green power.

(Mei Changfu)

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