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C&C K Gold truck powered by Y&C 6K13N engine ranked among "2014 Energy-conserving Heavy-duty Trucks"

On January 11, the largest annual event in the commercial vehicle field--"2014 CV of the Year" took place in Beijing. In the event, C&C K Gold truck powered by Y&C 6K13N engine was highly recognized by the judges so as to be ranked among "2014 Energy-conserving Heavy-duty Trucks".

"2014 CV of the Year" was organized by Commercial Motor World in association with entities such as Research Institute of Highway, Ministry of Transport, China Automotive Technology & Research Center, Beijing Institute of Technology, Tongji University, Chang'an University and Beihang University. A host of heavy-duty truck manufacturers including FAW Jiefang, Sinotruk, Auman Truck, Hongyan Truck, C&C Trucks participated in the event.

NG heavy-duty trucks have shown the trend of replacing diesel heavy-duty trucks as the new market favorite since 2011, and gas stations have sprung up like mushrooms across the country within only a couple of years. With strong power, high safety, high energy conservation performance and high carrying capacity, C&C K Gold truck has set an example of quality for domestic LNG heavy-duty trucks, and C&C Trucks has played an exemplary role in assuming social responsibility among heavy-duty truck manufacturers by its outstanding integrated solutions for LNG heavy-duty truck customers.

As the "heart" of C&C K Gold truck, Y&C's YC6K1340N engine is an NG engine with the largest torque among domestic gas engines in the same power range, as well as a gas engine with the largest displacement and torque in the country. With characteristics such as low gas consumption, strong power, high reliability and low noise, it can resolve the industrial problem of weak power in a once-off way. In terms of economy, the technology of lean combustion used by the engine can effectively reduce gas consumption, saving energy cost by over 25 percent compared to diesel engines. In terms of safety, the engine is currently the country's only engine using Jacobs' technology of in-cylinder braking, with a braking power of 17kW/L. Besides, the structure of four-point suspension can effectively reduce injuries caused by accidental collisions to drivers.

(Xiong Qianqian)

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