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Yuchai Machinery Marketing & Service Conference 2015 held

On January 24, Yuchai Machinery Marketing & Service Conference 2015 was held in Wuhan. Under the theme of "Employing Advantages, Seizing Opportunities and Achieving New Success", the conference comprehensively summarized the marketing work of Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. (Yuchai Machinery) in 2014, defined the idea of marketing work in 2015, and set the marketing strategy and sales objective in 2015. The conference also delivered a new product release conference and commended the outstanding entities and individuals in Yuchai's marketing system in 2014.

At the conference, Yan Ping, chairman of Yuchai Group, delivered an important speech. He spoke highly of the performance of Yuchai's marketing system in 2014, and posed higher requirements for the marketing work in 2015. Wu Qiwei, general manager of Yuchai Machinery, delivered a speech entitled Joint Efforts for Success. He commended on sales services in 2014 and conducted general mobilization on marketing services in 2015. Wang Limin, vice general manager of Yuchai Machinery, delivered a marketing report and Pei Haijun, vice general manager of Yuchai Sales Co., Ltd. delivered a service report.

In 2014, facing unfavorable situations such as mounting pressure from economic downturn and serious weakness of market demand, Yuchai Machinery forged ahead against all odds, strengthened internal building and operated steadily, with its output and sales remaining ahead in the industry and its market share continuing to grow. Its truck and bus engine sectors remained advantageous, and its newly-developed field of heavy-duty and light-duty engines grew steadily; its marine engine sector grew by 6.5 percent amid the industrial slump; its agricultural engines became "preferred agricultural equipment"; and its engine exports grew by record 12 percent.

2014 saw a switch from the national IV emission standard for diesel engines to the national V emission standard. By virtue of its technical advantage, Yuchai completed the advancement of its operations in the national IV market and new product introduction, and rapidly increased the production of national IV diesel engines and national V gas engines. In late 2014, Yuchai won the first Euro VI diesel engine order, marking the successful marketization of Euro VI diesel engines.

In 2014, the improvement of Yuchai's commodity power, manufacturing power, system power and marketing power boosted its product sales and customer satisfaction. Its annual service satisfaction scored 89.98 points.

Amid the market slump and fierce competition in 2014, Yuchai Group, together with its upstream and downstream partners, forged ahead against all odds to register total sales of over 40 billion yuan, grew steadily and healthily overall, achieved the year-on-year growth of engine, lubricant and parts sales. Yuchai Machinery sold 484,000 units of engines, maintaining its lead in the industry. Its market share continued to grow by1.3 percent.

Yan analyzed the national economic policies and environmental regulations related to the auto industry in 2015. He said China's haze has drawn worldwide attention and the country has planned to spend three years thoroughly treating air pollution. The auto industry is the top priority of treatment. In 2015 which will see an economic shift and strict environmental control, Yuchai will face a new development opportunity and must overcome a lot of challenges. With a focus on industrial restructuring, under the principles of flexible operation and benefit first, Yuchai will advance the "second startup" in an all-round manner in 2015. In 2015, Yuchai will speed up its internationalization and has achieved substantial breakthrough in strategic cooperation with some internationally renowned enterprises. In June and July, the "knife" Yuchai has sharpened for three years will come into use, an array of major cooperative projects will be initiated, and Yuchai's capacity for internationalized operation will be improved significantly. Also, Yuchai will push forward reforms, innovation and system reengineering unswervingly, strive to complete system upgrading within around three years, optimize its production, organization, R & D, marketing and service systems, improve quality and enhance efficiency, so as to grow strong.

During the conference, Yuchai Machinery delivered a new product release conference. Of the 10 new products released by Yuchai in 2015, six are commercial engines, three are construction machinery and agricultural equipment engines, and one is passenger vehicle engine. YC6L-60 is up to the Euro VI emission standard.

The conference also commended the outstanding entities and individuals in Yuchai's marketing system in 2014. 305 service stations were rewarded, 85 entities won the award for service support, 160 entities won the award for parts operation and 204 heads of service stations were commended.

Over 800 representatives of machinery plants, distributors, service providers and parts dealers from across the country were present to discuss Yuchai's marketing service program. 14 media outlets including China Automotive News, China Industry News, China Communications News, China Quality Daily, and Machinery & Electronics Business covered the conference.

(Wen Zhenghua)

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