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Yuchai Machinery's Disciplinary Inspection Committee gives lecture onclean practice education to key post holders

From February 7 to 14, under the theme of "putting powers into the cage of system", the Disciplinary Inspection Committee of Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. (Yuchai Machinery) gave a three-session lecture on clean practice education. Among 364 attendees were Party members and leading cadres of the marketing system, quality department and purchasing department, as well as holders of key and foreign-related posts. Zhou Jinliang, deputy secretary of the Disciplinary Inspection Committee of Yuchai Machinery, was the lecturer.

At the lecture, Zhou briefly reported on the committee's investigation and handling of appeals on legal issues in 2014, pointed out the seven key problems reported by workers and staff members in 2014 such as bribery taking and cadre style, and analyzed the characteristics and trends of the reported problems.

Zhou dissected the case of Yuchai Nanning Special Vehicle Co., Ltd., and pointed out the five institutional defects exposed in the case: I Excessive concentration of powers; II Formalistic examination; III Weak legal consciousness; IV Ineffective supervision and control; V Related transactions. He stressed that leading cadres at all levels, Party members, workers and staff members should draw lessons from the case, hold laws in awe, be content and incorruptible, stay alert, and manage to solidify the ideological and moral dam of warding off corruption, practice democratic management and Sunshine Project, perfect the internal control system and restrict powers through systems, intensify inspection and supervision, and severely punish corruption. Also, he required that grass-roots Party organizations at all levels should practically assume the subject responsibility for Party style and incorruption building, focus on establishing and perfecting the system and process of business management and control, strengthen clean practice education, tighten supervision and inspection, endeavor to establish an effective management and control mechanism against corruption, to ensure that cadres and staff observe discipline.

According to the source, Yuchai Machinery's Disciplinary Inspection Committee delivered 13 sessions of clean practice education to 14,385 workers and staff members in 2014, so as to promote the company's anti-corruption construction. In 2015, with the attitude of zero tolerance, the committee will keep the pressing posture against corruption, focus on establish and perfect the internal control system against corruption, and restrict powers with systems; will establish the "Clean Yuchai" Wechat public platform to build a three-dimensional supervision network; will write cases of clean and warning education on a quarterly basis to further intensify anti-corruption promotion and education, create a clean business environment, and promote the healthy development of Yuchai Group.

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