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Interview with NPC deputy Yan Ping: Motor vehicle emission standard system should be characteristic of China

"This time I submitted four written proposals, of which two are related to air pollution treatment and emission pollution control of motor vehicles and off-road construction machinery," said Yan Ping, an NPC deputy and chairman of Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Group Co., Ltd., in an interview.

This is the eighth time that Yan has attended the NPC and CPPCC annual sessions. He made proposals on reducing vehicle emission and promoting environmental protection every year. "Environmental protection concerns everybody's immediate interest," he said. Because of this, Yuchai takes "green development" as part of its core values as a Chinese green power manufacturer and China's largest mobile pollution source controller. From the national I emission standard to the Euro VI emission standard, Yuchai took the lead in the industry to launch diesel engines meeting the requirements of emission regulations.

Referring to the fact that China's motor vehicle emission regulations have become increasingly rigorous, Yan considered it good to both the country and the people. But some realistic problems should be taken into account during implementation.

"Costs come first," said Yan. According to a survey, costs are increasing with road motor vehicle emission standards, for example, the cost of diesel engines for commercial vehicles increases by at least 25 percent when the emission standard is upgraded from national III to national IV. This means profit decrease to customers. "Inadequate supervision will lead to falsification."

"Emission standardization support policies have not been implemented concurrently in all areas when vehicle emission upgrading is promoted, this is the second problem, and the third is supporting facilities," said Yan.

Yan's solution to these problems is supervision, guidance and support, as well as appropriate financial subsidies, which will encourage customers to purchase vehicles up to higher emission standards earlier; supporting facilities should be perfected by market and legal means

"The reason why it is difficult to fulfill China's target of motor vehicle emission control is that foreign standards directly quoted during the formulation of most emission standards disaccord with China's actualities," Yan said, suggesting that "It is of utmost urgency to work out the national VI motor vehicle emission standard system and the national V off-road vehicle emission standard system characteristic of China should be worked out."

(Yang Zhaomin/Workers Daily)

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