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Yuchai appears brilliantly at Engine China 2014

The 13th International Exhibition on Internal Combustion Engine (Engine China 2014) sponsored by the China Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association (CICEIA) took place at the China National Convention Center in Beijing. Under the theme of "Innovative Development, Energy Conservation & Emission Reduction, Green Manufacturing", the exhibition presented various internal combustion engines and parts, alternative fuels for internal combustion engines, remanufacturing technologies and products, power and generating equipment, control systems, internal combustion engine manufacturing equipment, energy conservation technologies used in the manufacturing process of internal combustion engines, as well as various internal combustion engine technologies, products and services, showing the demands of the low-carbon economy and society. Yuchai presented a total of 11 new engines. Industrial leaders including Wang Ruixiang, chairman of the China Machinery Industry Federation; He Guangyuan, former minister of machine building industry and Xing Min, secretary-general of CICEIA visited Yuchai booth for instruction and exchange.

Wang Ruixiang (3rd R) visited Yuchai booth

As Yuchai's key models for popularization in 2014, the 11 engines presented covers Yuchai's six series (truck, bus, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, passenger vehicle and ship), including YC6G260N-50 gas engine, YC6J125Z-T30 engine, YC4EG185-50 engine, YC6L330-60 engine, YC6J210N-52 plug-in hybrid engine, YC6T700L engine, YC6K1246-40 diesel engine, YC6MK420-40 engine, YC4A140L-T30 engine, and two dissected engines--YC4S150-48 and YC4D20. Upgraded in appearance, these engines amazed visitors with new image and exquisite craftsmanship, attracting numerous industrial experts and journalists.

He Guangyuan visited Yuchai booth.

The two dissected engines--YC4S150-48 and YC4D20 were most eye-catching. As China's most advanced passenger vehicle diesel engine, YC4D integrates several internationally advanced technologies of passenger vehicle diesel engines. With a power range of 120-170PS and a useful life of over 300,000 kilometers, it is highly compatible with vehicles such as SUV, MPV, light bus, pickup and car, is reliable and durable, and has passed the rigorous assessment of the European machinery development procedures. YC4S series is a four-valve engine series developed and designed by Yuchai for the medium & high-end light truck market in association with Europe's renowned engine R & D institutions. It has characteristics such as compact structure, light weight, low emission, low fuel consumption and low noise.


There were few dissected homemade engines at previous internal combustion engine exhibitions, but Yuchai presented two advanced dissected engines, whose bright paint, exquisite electroplating process, fine craftsmanship and fluid lines highly restore the internal precision of Yuchai engines. The move not only set a precedent for dissected homemade engines, but also opened the eyes of industrial insiders and journalists present.

YC6J210N-52 plug-in hybrid engine on show is a classic of YC6J mono-fuel series. The series is a CNG/LNG mono-fuel engine series developed by Yuchai in cooperation with Econtrols. Sharing key parts with YC6J diesel engines and inheriting all their advantages, the series is the ideal power for 8.5m-11m buses, 8.5-10.5m coaches and tour buses. Apart from YC6J210N-52, YC6G260N-50 gas engine is also a preferred clean energy power product for domestic coaches.

YC6MK series preferentially promoted by Yuchai in recent years was another focus. The series is a fully-improved and more technically mature new-generation four-valve heavy-duty engine series developed and designed in association with AVL according to characteristics of segments like 12m+ coaches, tour buses and urban BRT buses. It is powerful, reliable, efficient, fuel-conserving, low-noise and environmental-friendly. The national IV model uses Bosch high-pressure common-rail +SCR technology, with a power range of 320hp-420hp. 1,900rpm and 2,100rpm versions of YC6MK have been launched for choice according to market demands to pioneer the new tide of bus power upgrading.

Wang Ruixiang, He Guangyuan and Xing Min were attracted by YC6L330-60 Euro VI diesel engine. They stayed before the engine for a long time, inquiring into the situation of technical development and matching. Huang introduced the engine to the industrial leaders and automakers present. This was the debut of YC6L330-60 at the exhibition. Early in 2011, Yuchai successfully developed the stereotype of 6L-60 series, which filled a gap in China's efficient clean diesel engines as China's first Euro VI vehicle diesel engine. In the opening day, Yuchai Pavilion was most popular with endless visitors.

Huang lili

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