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To-be-tested Yuchai Euro VI engine appears at Engine China 2014

From September 1 to 3, the 13th International Exhibition on Internal Combustion Engine (Engine China 2014) took place in Beijing. Domestic mainstream engine manufacturers made brilliant appearance.

As a top-notched domestic engine manufacturer, Yuchai showed up with a strong lineup of 11 engines, of which the most attractive was the only Euro VI engine in the exhibition--YC6L330-60.

Further improved Euro VI engine

According to Yuchai's technician, developed by Yuchai in cooperation with the State Key Laboratory of Engines (Tianjin University), the YC6L330-60 Euro VI diesel engine for coaches is the prototype of China's first Euro VI vehicle diesel engine. In 2011, the prototype of Yuchai's Euro VI engine passed the emission test of the National Passenger Car Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, whose hydrocarbon (HC) and nitric oxide (NO) emissions were lower than the Euro VI limits. The new model on show was an improved one based on the original Euro VI engine, with comprehensive technical level further optimized.

The technician told the reporter, "The engine followed the 6L engine platform. In technical improvement, EGR was added to the body and a throttle valve was added to accurately control air inlet; in post processing, a DPF particle catcher was added at the front end of the traditional SCR to purify tail gases and meet emission standards."

YC6L Euro VI engine presented by Yuchai

Tailored for Beijing's buses, prototype to be tested

As the only Euro VI engine at the exhibition, YC6L330-60 drew wide attention. "The Euro VI engine is an environmentally-friendly engine arousing wide concern, we have many visitors and inquirers," said the technician.

YC6L Euro VI engine presented by Yuchai

"This Euro VI engine has not been launched for use as a new engine developed for Beijing's buses," the technician said. As for whether the engine has been tested on vehicles, the technician said, "We are discussing the prototype test plan with Foton."

Does the Euro VI engine have any special requirement for diesel quality? The technician said, "Inferior diesel can affect the engine to some degree and the problem is yet be resolved."

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