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Yuchai organized skill masters in 2014 for overseas learning

Yuchai organized skill masters and engineers for overseas learning and investigation on October 19, and will send them in two groups this year. This is the second time that Yan Ping, chairman of Yuchai Group has approved Yuchai Science & Technology Association (YSTA) and Yuchai Technician Association (YTA) to send skill masters abroad for investigation and learning after the first practice last year.

This year, Yuchai will send skill masters and engineers for overseas learning and investigation in two groups. These skill masters and engineers are in four sectors: internal combustion engine assembly & commissioning, numerical control machining technology, casting and die technology and electromechanical maintenance. The first group of six skill masters and engineers in the sector of internal combustion engine assembly & commissioning and the sector of numerical control processing technology are about to set out for outstanding German enterprises to learn and investigate the technologies of preventing errors in diesel engine assembly as well as fast and efficient processing methods and technologies.

Chen Jinyuan, president of YSTA and YTA, required the skill masters and engineers bound for Germany to treasure the opportunity of learning at outstanding foreign enterprises, learn from them modestly, be diligent and inquisitive, use their brains more, be good at seek gaps, bring back developed countries' advanced processing methods and sophisticated technologies, turn projects into new achievements as soon as possible, set examples and popularize them at Yuchai. In the future, Yuchai will hold an overseas learning achievement exhibition annually to make Yuchai's manufacturing up to international standards.

Engineer Li Weizhu among the staff bound for Germany said he appreciated the learning platform offered by the company, expected for overseas learning and was eager to learn more technologies.

(Li Renhui)

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