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Yuchai Group Reported Success to Municipal Committee of CPC and the Municipal Government
Yuchai Group Realized Sales Revenue of Surpassing 10 Billion Yuan and Tax Payment 0.68 Billion Yuan in 2004

Secretary Gao Xiong Encouraged Yuchai to Start from the Past Achievements and Recreate New Resplendence
In the morning of January 5, representing Yuchai Group and all its personnel Zeng Shiqiang secretary general of Yuchai Group council, Zhou Zhenqiu general manager of Yuchai Machinery Group Co.,Ltd. Liang Ping secretary of the Party of Yuchai Machinery Co.,Ltd. Li Chengjie vice general manager of Yuchai Machinery Group Co.,Ltd. reported success to Municipal Committee of CPC and the Municipal Government: Yuchai Group made a splendid production operations achievements in 2004?-realizing of sales revenue of surpassing 10 billion yuan, realizing of production and distribution of the engines of surpassing 200,000, and the realizing of tax payment 0.68 billion yuan.

Secretary Gao Xiong, mayor Jin Xiangjun and other leaders welcomed the success-reporting group in front of the municipal committee office building and held a short receiving ceremony. On behalf of the 4 leading groups, secretary Gao Xiong made a speech to express their thanks to Yuchai's personnel. He said it was indeed very hard for Yuchai to get today's achievements. Under the staunch leadership of managing group of Yuchai Group, with the exemplary role of all commies and the hard work of all employees, Yuchai Group made progress in every recent year. In the year 2003, Yuchai produced 175,000 engines. In the year 2004, the number exceeded 200,000 and the sales revenue surpassed 10 billion yuan, tax payment surpassed 0.6 billion yuan. Yuchai's great achievements established a solid foundation for Yulin city to realize its 3 breakthroughs and secured effectively Yulin's industry development. YuChai played a very important role in industrial promotion and serving industry battle. Secretary Gao Xiong hoped that Yuchai would start with the achievements of 2004 and would achieve greater progress in 2005. The whole city would support Yuchai as usual and departments of all levels of the city should make contribution to Yuchai's new leap.

In 2005, Yuchai put forward an annual operation objective of realizing the annual sales revenue of 15 billion yuan (tax included), realizing the annual production and selling of 250,000 engines and exporting goods and earning foreign currency of 30 million dollars. Yuchai Group clung to the faith that, under the continuous correct leadership of the Committee of CPC and the Government of Yulin City, by the full support of the relevant departments of all levels Yuchai would be able to realize the operation objective of 2005.
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