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Leaders of the Superior Labor Union Came to Yuchai to Extend Their
In the morning of January 18, Xie Liusheng former vice chairman of the federation of trade unions of Guangxi, Zheng Weihong chairperson of the federation of trade unions of Yulin, altogether 6 people came to Yuchai to extend their regards to 17 "Wu Yi" medallists and expressed their cares to the model workers.

Chairperson Zheng Weihong said, Yuchai was an enterprise in which there were so many model workers; with the influence of those model workers and the hard work of all the employees YuChai created the best achievement in its history, sales revenue surpassing 10 billion yuan, which was a great contribution to Yulin's economic development. Xie Liusheng the vice chairman also pointed out in his speech that YuChai was a fast-developing enterprise that contributed a lot to Guangxi. The model workers of Yuchai created outstanding achievement on different posts. On behalf of the the federation of trade unions of the Zhuang Autonomous Region of Guangxi and 4 million workers of Guangxi, he wanted to extend the regards to all model workers of Yuchai and wish them healthy and happy. Mr. Xie also affirmed the work done by Yuchai's labor union, he said Yuchai labor union did a lot to care and cultivate model workers, the labor union was the family of the employees and the labor union was the family of the model workers.

Xie Liusheg vice chairman and Zheng Weihong delivered festival greeting money to every model workers and encouraged them to make greater contribution to Yuchai's development.

The model workers said, the Party and the Government gave them so much glory, as model workers they dare not take things easy and they would work harder to repay the Party and the Government.

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