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Jinchuang Automobile Parts and Parts Fittings Manufacturing
In the morning of January 28 2005, Guangxi Jingchuang Automobile Parts and Parts Fittings Manufacturing Company celebrated ceremoniously its shingle-hanging and extension project ground breaking ceremony beside the beautiful Mapan Road in Luchuan. Gu Tangsheng mayor assistant of Yulin city, Man Changxue, head of Luchuan county, Wang Jianming chairman of the board of Yuchai, Liu Biqing vice director-general, Zhou Zhenqiu general manager of Group Company, Liu Weike secretary of the Party Committee of the Group Company, Liang Ping secretary of the Party Committee of Gusi and other leaders invited attended the shingle-hanging and ground breaking ceremony. Representative of the stockholders, representative of the suppliers and leaders of Yuchai's subcompanies also came to express their congratulations. Hundreds of employees of Jingchuang also attended this ceremony.

Jinchuang Company was taken over jointly by Yuchai Group Co. and natural person Mr. Yi Jinghe and it grew out of the former Luchuan Fuda Company. The company has a registered capital of 50 million yuan, among which Yuchai took up 60% of the total amount of stock ownership. This company mainly deals with the business of internal-combustion engine and automobile fittings. Other products include casting workblank, crankcase oil tray, clutch housing, flywheel casing, flywheel ring gear, front cover board, flywheel and so on. Jinchuang Company mainly provides product fittings for those large enterprises such as Yuchai Group, Liuzhou WuLing Automobile Limited Liability Company and Yunnan Inner-power Cooperation Limited. The total industrial output value of Jinchuang Company is 86.7 million yuan in 2004. It is estimated that in the year 2005 the amount of total industrial output value will surpass 100 million yuan. Jinchuang Company will build up two product lines in the following 3 years. One product line will be able to produce EPC of 20 thousand tons every year, and the other product line will be able to produce qualified engine block of less than cylinders as well as cylinder cap blank air blast casting. The total output of this product line will achieve 20 thousand ton. Theses two product lines can bring a sales revenue of 300 million yuan.

Chairman Wang Jianming made an important address, saying that Jinchuang Company grew out of Fuda Company, which was an enterprise with fine tradition.  After joining in Yuchai Group and getting in harmony with Yuchai's enterprise culture, Jinchuang Company would develop faster.

Leaders of Yuchai Group, leaders of the city and county and representative of the stockholders unveiled the curtain for Jinchuang Company. With the falling of the red curtain, people saw the name of the company---Jingchuang Automobile Parts and Parts Fittings Manufacturing Company. After the unveiling ceremony, people came to the construction site and held the cut-ribbon ceremony. Leaders of Yulin City, leaders of Yuchai Group and representative of the stockholders cut the ribbon for the ground breaking ceremony. In the sound of the fireworks, excavators began to work. Another company of Yuchai was born.
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