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Leaders of DongFeng LiuZhou Automobile Company Ltd. Came to Yuchai to Pay a New Year Call
In the afternoon of January 28, Cheng Daoran general manager of Liuzhou Automobile Co.,Ltd. Chen Fuji secretary of the Party committee and others, altogether 29 people, came to Yuchai to pay a New Year call.

The guests who came from afar first had a friendly basketball match with players of Yuchai in the gymnasium of Donghua uptown and most of the players were middle-level leaders. Li Tiansheng general manager of Yuchai Machinery Co.,Ltd. Cheng Daoran general manager of LiuZhou Automobile Co.,Ltd. and other leaders came to watch the match. After a 48-minute vehement match Yuchai won Liuzhou team by a narrow margin of 39 to 38.

After that, Yuchai and LiuQi had a symposium that was called "spring is full of Yuchai and spring is full of LiuQi" on the 4 th floor of Dongli Building. Chairman Wang Jianming introduced to the guests from LiuQi the production, vendition, service, market deploitation and so on and he also reviewed the work in 2004. Cheng Daoran general manager of LiuZhou Automobile Co., Ltd. also introduced the tactic measures and competitions with the same trades and he also expressed his worry for the future of Chinese automobile industry. He said, facing the cruel competitions in the market of car and truck, LiuQi had put forward the slogan of "work harder".

Liang Ping, secretary of the Party committee of Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. talked about the gap with LiuQi on the aspects of the management of cadres' performance, prompting system and so on. Chen Fuji secretary of the Party committee of LiuQi sang high praise for Yuchai's pioneering and innovative spirit and the ability to act according to the circumstances, and representing LiuQi he also made an advanced New Year Blessing to all employees of Yuchai.

In the course of the symposia, Li Tiansheng general manager of Yuchai Machinery Co.,Ltd. Jiang Chaoyou general manager of Vendition Company of LiuZhou Automobile Co.,Ltd. and Wu Qiwei vice general manager of Vendition Co.,Ltd. all made their speeches. They reviewed their friendly cooperation and great achievements and exchanged their ideas on their works in the future.

In the cooperation between Yuchai and LiuQi in the past 20 years, among LiuQi's 310,000 automobiles, 250,000 were equipped with YuChai's diesel motors. During past years, Yuchai and LiuQi visited each other every year and carried out a series of friendly matches, and this improved the communication and cooperation between the two sides. In the symposia, leaders of the two parties both felt very intimate and hoped the friendship that was like brotherhood would last longer so as to make joint greater progress and overcome any difficulties in the future.

After the symposia, Yuchai entertained the faraway guests in Yulin Hotel and LiuQi also gave monetary reward to Yuchai's employees to express their blessing.
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