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Chairman of the Board and other Leaders Welcome Workers Coming back to Work
There was a 7-day-off holiday this Spring Festival, but the production plant of Yuchai Machinery Co.,Ltd. had too many orders, therefore we started working only 3 days after the lunar New Year's Eve. Some people were even working on the New Year's Eve and the day after that day. Even if it was our traditional festival our workers could understand the importance of the work and accept the arrangement and did their best to finish their work.

Yuchai Machinery Co.,Ltd. arranged its workers to have reunion dinner in Yuchai Great Grand Hotel in order that the overtime workers could have a happy and busy lunar New Year. The League Committee organized the workers to stay up all night on New Year's Eve, so everyone felt the joy of the New Year. On the first day of the lunar New Year, the manager of the Production Department Ning Xingyong, along with his staffs came to say Happy New Year to the overtime workers and granted kickbacks to them to thank them for their work. They thought for the company and abandoned the holidays they should have spent with their family.

We started working formally on the 6 th day after the New Year's Eve. On that day, Chairman Wang Jianming and other top leaders of the company came to the doorway to welcome the workers to come back to work. At half past nine in the morning, fireworks were fired declaring the beginning of another new year. In the front of the company, yangko band made up of the retired ones were welcoming the employees with rapturous gong-drum sound and elegant dancing. 8 dancing and cavorting lions expressed their blessing to the employees and fireworks were sounding and everyone was entering the gate with great joy.

After that, chairman Wang Jianming and other leaders went together to the 6 workshops to say Happy New Year to everyone and thanked their hard work in the last year. At the same time he hoped all the workers to work harder to finish the output of 280000 products in this year.

The New Year has begun and the workshop became busy, but the happy atmosphere was everywhere in the workshop. At that night, the   pyrotechnic evening party pushed the happiness of the New Year to the climax. The fireworks were so beautiful in the sky above Yuchai, indicating Yuchai's greater future.
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