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Guilin Daewoo Cooperates with Yuchai Anhui Market Draws Attention
    Currently, a promotional tour of Guilin Daewoo in Anhui province has come to an end. According to the markets information, Guilin Daewoo selected 3 types of new buses for this tour. They are the Golden Star 1 GDW6121, the Fortune Star 2 GDW6850 and the Sun Scenery GDW6119, all  powered by Yuchai engines to please the public. These new buses travel over 20 cities in the Anhui province within a month, and wherever they went, they were unanimously praised for the refreshed feeling they presented to people.
    To most companies that offer traveling and passenger bus , the image of a Guilin Daewoo bus is a small ,low oil consuming and economically friendly vehicle. In this tour, the new buses gave customers a strong visual stimulation with their brand new appearances. The new design absorbs the advanced techniques of Korean economical buses and integrates the luxury elements of European buses, to form the new style with the Guilin Daewoo character. The height was elaborately calculated to make the bus appear luxurious from the outside and spacious and comfortable from the inside. The streamline design of the body may effectively reduce wind drag, and save more oil.
    This promotional tour gave customers another deep impression of the integrated structure of the Guilin Daewoo products. The Guilin Daewoo buses assembled with Korean Daewoo engines have always been praised by users for their rational matching, high reliability, and low oil consuming performance. In recent years, according to the markets demands, Guilin Daewoo has diversified the vehicle types, and now covers the markets of traveling bus, city bus, and buses for 8-12 meters wide roads. Several new types of Asian Star buses are also equipped with Yuchai engines. Guilin Daewoo is close to Yuchai geographically and the two enterprises have together, achieved success in their effort to developing more efficient in powertrain. The new series of Asian Star buses equipped with Yuchai engine are favorable to the customers for the low oil consuming performance and economic efficiency. The usage of Yuchai engines also diversifies the series of Guilin Daewoo buses, offering more choices for different customers.
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