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Guangxi Export Products Achieved the Breakthrough of Zero on Exemption from Examination
    Recently, the Guangxi Inspection and Quarantine Bureau set up a training class in Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd to impart knowledge of exemption from examination to filter for export products. Experts of the bureau chiefly talked what exemption from examination and relevant laws and regulations meant. Conditions of exemption from examination for import and export products, skills of inspection, and how to get the qualification of exemption were also discussed. This training class is preparation for the initial inspections that relates to getting qualification of exemption from examination for export products.
    According to Huang Aifeng, the chief of the supervision section in Guangxi Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, exemption from examination for import and export products is a national policy that encourages import and export of creditable products. It is trying to prmote foreign trade, and is in regulation with the highest standard for product quality. The products in the exemption lists will have a favorable convenience to pass customs without examination or paying fees for examination.
    In order to help Guangxi export enterprises achieve a breakthrough of zero with the work of exemption from examination, integrating the actuality and applications from export enterprises, Guangxi Inspection and Quarantine Bureau decided to assist Yuchai Machinery Corporation with their application to the National Inspection Bureau for exempting the examination of their diesel engines, and help Wuling Motor Corporation with their export automobiles.
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