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Investigation of Delegation from the Party and the Government at Yuchai Group
On February 17, delegation from the Party and the Government led by Wen Kahua municipal secretary of Beihai City and Tang Chengliang mayor of Beihai came to investigate Yuchai Group.

In that afternoon, Beihai delegation, altogether 18 people, accompanied by Gao Xiong municipal secretary of Yullin and other leaders and Wang Jianming chairman of the board of Yuchai Group visited Luchuan Production Base, Gusi foundry workshop and heavy machine workshop.

During the course of the investigation, Beihai delegation listened attentively to Chairman Wang Jianming's introduction and watched the excellent performance of grab, robot in new machining workshop and agile manipulator. Such continuous great programs and projects impressed the delegation deeply of Yuchai Group's rapid development and wonderful future as a modern and large enterprise. In recent years, Beihai city actualized "100 excellent enterprises" plan and optimized investing environment actively and long for the settling of such great project as 4-w diesel engine of Yuchai Group. Yuchai Group is planning to finish three thousand 4-w outputs and the group is choosing a proper location as its manufacture base.
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