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Yuchai Group won glories
    On Jul 26, in the ceremony for release of top 100 Guangxi enterprises and rewarding excellent enterprises and enterprisers, Yuchai Group won the title of Year 2006 100 enterprises of Guangxi, ranking No.3 (The top 3 were Liuzhou Steel, Yuchai Group and Guangxi Branch of China Tobacco), the title of top 10 enterprises of Guangxi and the prize of achievement of innovation; president Yan Ping was titled among year 2006 top 10 enterprisers of Guangxi.

Liu Biqing, representative of Yuchai secretary were awarded

    Liu Biqing, Deputy CPC committee secretary and deputy president of Yuchai Group attended the ceremony as representative of Yuchai and gave a speech. She said Yuchai started innovation since the end of 1980s, and continuously expanded the scope of innovation since that. The history and the practice demonstrated that innovation is the way of development of Yuchai. Yuchai made great effort in innovation and got great achievements. Yuchais operating revenue grew 2 billion Yuan annually for 3 consecutive years, its industrial chain became more and more powerful, and made solid foundation for innovation. She believed that with the help of all spheres and the industry, the way of Yuchai will be broader and broader in the future.

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