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Eight heavy buty trucks powered with YC6M375-20 delivered to Akesu
    On July 28 of 2007, in Akesu of Sinkiang, China, with the help of Yuchai and Jianghuai Vehicle, the ceremony for the delivery of Jianghuai Gerfa heavy duty trucks and appreciation-expression to customers was successfully held by Urumchi DiJieling Vehicle Trade Company Limited.
    In July this year, Urumchi Dijieling Vehicle Trade Company, the 1 st level agent of Anhui Jianghuai in Sinkiang, launched 8 Gerfa heavy duty towing trucks powered with Yuchais YC6M375-20 for the 1 st time. In order to expand the marketing influence, Urumuchi Dijieling decided to hold the ceremony and appreciation-expressing conference in Akesu, for the delivery of this batch of 8 Gerfa trucks powered with YC6M375-20.
    This launch of these Gerfa trucks powered with YC6M375-20 will pave groundwork for Yuchai to make breakthrough in south of Sinkiang with its 6M heavy duty engines.
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