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Guangxi Innovation-plan Coordination Workgroup inspected Yuchai Engineering Company
    In the morning of July 30, 2007, the leaders of member corporations of Guangxi Innovation-Plan Coordination Workgroup inspected Yuchai Engineering Company with leaders of Yulin Science and Technology Administration.
    Pan Guoyuan, the chief engineer of YEC, introduced YECs technical innovation, management innovation and the achievements theyve made from 2005 to 2007, which were positively affirmed by the workgroup. In integration with the excellent models, experiences and methods theyve got, the workgroup provided advices for the following stage, and introduced their 4 th round innovation plan as well.
    As a hi-tech enterprise of Guangxi and advanced technical innovation corporation of Yulin that owns province-class R&D center, via emphasizing on promotional sales, quality and cost improvement and construction of corporation culture, brand and information, YEC will comprehensively improve its technical innovation, management and marketing ability with the concept of green development and harmonious win-win.
    For enriching the people, enforcing the enterprises, building platforms and strengthening abilities, the Guangxi government initiated the 3 rd round innovation plan in 2005. After implementing the plan for 2 years, with the endeavors of all subordinate governments and all the people in Guangxi, the 3 rd round innovation plan has been proceeding smoothly. This inspection was for investigating the work progress of YEC, summarizing experiences, finding out the deficiencies and pushing the work ahead.
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