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Guangxi Yuchai:An extraordinary green pioneer

    The most important strategy in Yuchai, is that of Green Development and Win-win in Harmony, namely to keep environment friendly and to realize an all-win society by establishing a harmonious relationship between humans, nature, and society. That's also the premium feature of Yuchai.

                         Five National-IV engines emit, in total the same amount of emission by one National-III engine

    Environmental protection is a key issue for the 2008 Olympic Games,held at Beijing. The fast expansion of the vehicle fleet in our country has become the biggest source of pollution for the environment. The pollutions such as the ozone and the photochemical smog ,are related to the emissions from vehicles, especially the NOX emission . Although some cities have practiced the National-II or National-III regulations, many places still have problems with the gas pollution in our country. To decrease the harmful gas emissions and improve air quality, we must implement  stricter rules on controlling gas emissions. For the incoming Olympic Games, Beijing declared to implement a National-IV standard in 2008.

    As the biggest engine manufacturer in China, Yuchai presented the idea of "Green Development and Win-win in harmony". With intentions of protecting the environment, constructing a quality industrial chain, and a sustainable development. Yuchai has become a representative for green, harmony and duty. Yuchai devotes in the construction of modern life in China, while taking responsibility of environmental protection, controlling pollution, and protecting human health. To assist the implementation of the National-IV emission standards in cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, Yuchai developed a new engine. In February 2006, the YC6L280-40 engine was born ,as the first engine in our country reaching National-IV emission standard.

    After assessment, the experts agree that this new engine meets all the world's newest and advanced technologies, including pressure boosting, electric fuel control injection system and SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) post disposal system. This engine fits practical situations of driving on the roads and consuming minimal oil in China. The levels of emission reached the required National-4 standard, and fuel consumption is about 5% lower than that of National-3 engines.

    The senior technical adviser of Yuchai Machinery Corporation, Dr. Liqin, said that it has been proved the SCR is the best controlling solution for Yuchai to reach the National-IV standard. In our country, more than 50% of fuel is imported meaning the sulphur content is 350ppm, making sure the oil consumption and fuel sensitivity are important factors to the technical solutions. The EGR system would claim   of "low emissions" or "low oil consumption", but on the contrary, say the SCR solution is better with the economical fuel efficiency. After repeated experiments, it has being  proved that there is no contradiction between lowering emissions and decreasing oil consumption with the SCR system. The oil consumption is 5% lower than theNational-3 engines and the emission level is one fifth of the National-3, so the total emissiona of five National-4 engines equal the emissions of one National-3 engine.

    Yuchai becomes a green pioneer of the industry

    To stay as the leading manufacturer in China, Yuchai keeps reinforcing the technical force. In 2003 when most engines were upgrading to National-1, Yuchai had completed the development of National-II, and had given birth to the first National-III engine, 3 years earlier than the competitors in China. In 2005, when other engine manufactures introduced their National-3 products, Yuchai's National-III engines had already been used in large quantities. Now, Yuchai's National-III engines successfully take the leading place in the domestic market.

    Mr. Tiansheng Li, General manager of Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Corporation told the journalist that "environmental protection, saving energy and humanization" were the tendency of modern buses. Going along this direction, Yuchai had made breakthroughs on many fields such as the multi-valve engine, the National-3 diesel engine and the CNG fuel engine. Yucai took the lead by marketing a series of National-3 environment protective engines including YC6L, YC6G, YC6J, YC4G, YC3E and YC4F, dominating the National-3 market in China, and keeping their technical advantages in the industry.

    Due to the explosion of scientific research achievements, Yuchai's  products have being stably increasing in quality. After two years of marketing, Yuchai's National-3 engines have been used in Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and so With the engines showing good performances of strong power, big torque, high reliability, low oil consumption, low emission and low noise, Yuchai gets the support from major bus manufactures like Xiamen King Long, Suzhou King Long, Xiamen King Dragon, Zhengzhou Yutan, Dandong Huanghai, Zonda Bus, etc., and have become their best supplier.

    Now, Yuchai's National-3 engine series, like 6J and 6L, have become the first choice for the bus industry in China. In the first season of 2007, Yuchai has sold over 1000 pieces of National-3 bus engines, increasing 150% over the same period last year, far ahead of other enterprises in the domestic market.

    Reviewing the year 2006, Yuchai Machinery Corporation continued to take the lead in domestic markets by production and sales, with the sales exceeding 280,000 pieces. At the top of the world, the bus engine sales only exceeded 60,000 pieces, and so the market share of big and medium bus engines became over 50%, increasing by 30%. Authorized research shows that Yuchai brand ranks the 119th among the top 500 most valuable Chinese brands, and ranks the first in the power industry.

                                                                               ( writer:Liuxuemei and Huqilin)

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