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Yuchai Group is matching on the road of green development
    From Yuchai machine, king of power to Yuchai machine, power of green, the slogan was silently changed. Whats the content behind the change of advertisement message? With the question, the reporter walked into the plant district of Guangxi Yuchai Machinery.
    Modern factories, orderly production line, everything here reflects the attractiveness and strength of this biggest diesel engine manufacturing enterprise in China: In 2006, Yuchai Group achieved the sales of 14.1 billion yuan which was increased 16.2% over last year; the export income of 23.36 million USD, up 38.9%; produced 365,000 pieces of diesel engines, and soled of 354,000 pieces, increased by 34.5%. The production and sales of diesel engine has kept a double-digit growth for consecutively 6 years and the scale has maintained the first place in China for 3 years; and the number one in the world among all independent diesel engine factories. In the first quarter of this year, the production and sales continue increasing. The production of diesel engine already more than 100,000 pieces. It was 1/3 of the annual target.
    After several years of high achievements, Yuchai did not sleep on the past achievement, but set a higher target. The environment issue is becoming more and more important. Under this background, Yuchai proposed the green development and all win in harmony strategy. Based on the technical and management innovation, through technical improvement and high efficient operation, Yuchai will achieve the renewable economy and build the capital of green power in China. The director of Yuchai Group Yan Ping said:
    The Chinese Party Central Committee in the Eleventh Five-Year Plan, proposed the core issue of renewable economy and brought up the new concept of green revolution. For long term strategic plans, we must: firstly connect with the national policy and regulations; secondly take the social responsibility; and thirdly provide the best products to the users. We must reduce the engine emission level in addition to improve the engine performance.
    Concept innovation brings changes to the development strategy while the implementation of deployment strategy must be based on continuous technical innovation. The hard working and smart Yuchai people were always one step ahead on research of the adaptive products. Regarding energy saving and environment protection Yuchai increased the investment; used the full potential of the national level Yuchai technical research and development center; stimulated the enthusiasm of technical employees; increased the cooperation with national and international universities and research centers. It emphasized the development of green power with low emission, low noise and low energy consumption and built a system of technical innovation for improving the technical level and structure of products.
    Good result came from hard work. In 2005, China was still implementing the Europe-2 emission standard, Yuchai took one step ahead and produced the 6L, 6G and 4G electric control diesel engines that meet Europe-3 standard. In 2006, Yuchai successfully produced the first CNG gas engine in China that meets the National-4 emission standard. In February last year, Yuchai produced the first Europe-4 YC6L-40 diesel engine in China which has completely independent intellectual property right. It broke the domination of this technology by European countries. It was 5 years ahead of the national schedule and speed up the overall upgrade of engine emission standard in China. In big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, Yuchai engines were used in many buses to solve the waste gas pollution problem. Yuchai also independently produced the first small car diesel engines in China with 1.2 and 1.3-liter displacement. It is the smallest size in the world and has been tested using over 10 types of cars. The principal of the Third Design and Research Institute of Machinery Industry Song Wenxue highly appraised these achievements:
    Yuchai took one step ahead of others on the development of business car diesel engines. It started the process of replacing petrol engines with diesel engines for business cars in the future.
Because of the Olympic Games in 2008, Beijing might implement the Europe-4 standard ahead of schedule. Used this opportunity, Yuchai Europe-4 engine has been put in Jinghua bus which will be on the road in April or May this year. During the Olympic Games, it will be one of the scenery in Beijing street shining with our national brand.
                                                                                                      (writer: Guo Yingying and Wu Renjin)
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