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Yuchai:big company based on its people
The core competitiveness of our enterprise is based on education, reservation, and structure optimization of people.
The philosophy of our enterprise is on people, for the first, from the ground.
Talking the successful, the director of Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd Yan Ping summarized briefly. 
Built the small world of talented people
    There is a board on the wall at the entrance of Yuchai that writes the small world of diesel power talents. Yan Ping told the reporter. Yuchai is one of the first 13 enterprises in Guangxi that were honored as the small world of talents. Recent years Yuchai emphasizes on building the small world of talents and regards it as the most important factor for development.
    Yuchai has set specific targets and regulations for construction of the small world of talents; drafted a 10-year plan for the development of those targets; built a special team leading by the CEO. The team consists of: office of management; office to recruit talent people, office to promote project, and office to budget. The team is response for build the small world of talents. Yuchai also drafted <<methods to recruits talents people>> and set prize to reward its employee to recruit talented people.
    In order to create the best environment for gathering talents, Yuchai established a salary system that link the income with benefit of technical improvements and innovation; offered subsidies for professional technician; and reward for innovation; drafted the method for rewarding major technical improvements; selected the individual to receive the annual reward by assessing their technology knowledge and performance in that year.
    In order to provide a good environment for the talents and let them concentrate on research, Yuchai set up teams based on projects such as the electric control technology team; invested over 100 million yuan to build the national level technical center; and installed the most up to date testing system. Also Yuchai established the modern training center in cooperation with German FEV and Tsinghua University to train its employees. 

    Small world of talents and big place for careering. Yuchai currently has 6 professors among them four receive allowance from the Chinese State Council, 20 with doctor degree and over 260 with masters. They are a strong technical and research team. 

Build a creative working team

    The biggest success of an enterprise is the success of its employees. The employee of Yuchai shall not simply as workers, but a team with creativity said Yan Ping. 
    At the beginning of 2007, Yuchai put new content to the strategy of strengthening the enterprise with talents; and proposed the new target of establishing a creative employee team. "We should have strong intention of creativity and innovation with all management actions or enterprise actions. The development of the enterprise requires more teams with concept innovation, management innovation, technical innovation and system innovation. "
    During the interview, the reporter found such teams on the contribution list: management team represented by Li Tiansheng, professional team represented by Zhuo Bin and Li Qin, sales team represented by Wu Qiwei, and so on. They have done the creative work in their own fields and enhanced the core competitiveness of the enterprise.
    My best experience with Yuchai is not the big reward, but the creativity of our research and the spirit of innovation of our team. As a researcher, I feel more challenge and achievements in such environment the chief expert of diesel engine electric control technology in China and the chief professor of Shanghai Jiaotong University also as the pioneer of Yuchai electric control department, Professor Zhuo Bin voiced out the Yuchai people.
    With the concept of base on people, Yuchai has built a talent team with skills and courage of innovation. The team pushed the enterprise to the leading place in China and to the world advance level closely in noise control, oil consumption control and so on. Even started relatively late, Yuchai has still made big improvements on the researches of common rail system and electric control system. In the first quarter of 2007, Yuchai reached to a new height with its performance with sales of diesel engine over 126,000, increased 25.5% over last year and hold the number one position in the domestic market.
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