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Build the capital of green power in China
July 1st, 2007   Hong Kong business news
   In China, Yuchai is the biggest production facility of internal combustion engines, as well as the biggest base for production and export of small construction machinery. With the worlds largest scale of production and sales of diesel engines among independent factories, Yuchai has won many awards such as the National Quality Control Award, Chinese Famous Brand, the First Brand of China Power, and so on. In the beginning of 2006, Yuchai presented a new strategic development idea with a core concept of an enterprise culture that is green development and all-win in harmony. Centering on the idea, Yuchai uses all its effort to build the capital of green power in China.

A historical height of the enterprise duty

    In the beginning of the 11 th 5-year plan, Yuchai came up with this strategic green development idea as a result of its duty.
    The first duty is to   protect the environment. People have an increasing demand for environmental protection and saving energy. That sets stricter requirements for performance, energy consumption and car engine emissions .. As an engine enterprise, Yuchai is incumbent on the control of vehicle emissions, noise reduction and decreasing energy consumption of the engines. The second duty is constructing a harmonious society. The Sixteenth National Party Congress has laid out for us the big strategy for constructing a socialist harmonious society, and all the enterprises are responsible.. Harmony is the foundation of the national development, and also the precondition for the development of enterprises. Only if we get along with the society in harmony, can we make an all-win development. The third duty is the mission that Yuchai pursues mainly, to meet the public demand with prominence and using advanced technology to build the capital of green power.
    As the biggest engine manufacture in China, Yuchai determines to undertake two major duties on itself: to be in control of the biggest mobile pollution source, and to provide clean energy for the development of our country making it capital of green power.
    Green power means environmentally protective engines with low emission, low noise and low energy consumption. Yuchai strives to build green power, save energy, improve the ecological environment, put forward the harmonious development of society and nature, and realize an all-win development with clients, public and society.

Extension and promotion of enterprise strategy

    Selecting the development strategy depends on the judgment of the current industrial situation and being aware of social responsibility. Energy crisis is now a problem for the whole world, and this reality requires us to develop a new typeof energy saving and environmentally protective power. Whoever wants to take the preemptive opportunities of a new industry revolution and win the future, must develop the green power. Yuchai presented the strategic idea of green power to get In tune with the times.
    By analyzing the economic growth of our country, we can easily see that the soul of this strategy is a scientific outlook on the development of Yuchai: to realize a recycling economy and improve the environment by using advanced technology and efficient labor; by constructing the road of green development, to raise awareness of recycling and regeneration of resources, and to build Yuchai into a sustainable storage park for resources with a harmonious environment and a well-off community.
    With the idea of high quality green power, Yuchai strives to build an industrial chain centered on engines, including large and medium size construction machinery, special vehicles, vehicle parts, automobile chemical industry, and logistic industry. This is to reinforce and promote the general competitive levels of the enterprise. Yuchai has a mid-term target to build another Yuchai in 3 years, sothen the next step towards the progress of worldwide deployment is to build Yuchai into a first class world brand name that leads the global tide of the engine industry. The capital of green power is not only for China but also for the world. This cultural concept is in tune with new situations, new environments, new requirements for growth, and reflections of far-sight.
    Building the capital of green power in China came from practical exploration in This concept ascended from the original city of power to the capital of green power. First,  development of the enterprise and the whole industrial chain is taken into consideration, and then development of the society and our nation. Second, it looks to protecting the environments, saving energy ,reducing emissions, developing a greener industrial chain, and  achieve an all-win in harmony with all involved parties of the society. Finally the green is instructive to the development of Yuchais culture, as is in the direction of progressing engine technology.

Strong power for the competition

    The volume of production and sales of Yuchai diesel engines rose from 58,000 pieces in 2000 to 360,000 in 2006. The green power has formed a multiple different branches, with the simultaneous development of small, light, medium and heavy diesel engines.  The coexistence of a single-fuel and dual-fuel engines were also formed. The capital of green power gradually matures.
    In 2006, Yuchai made great achievements with the green products, developed 83 new products, and set new milestones with 3 new remarkable models as in the engine industry. They developed the National-4 diesel engine, and for the first time was synchronized with Europe in level on the emission standard, meaning they will be equipped on the Beijing buses this year. They also developed the first Chinese diesel car engine with an independent intellectual property right, and while 40% cars in Europe are using diesel engines, Yuchais small car diesel engine will eventually enter the market this year. Finally they developed 6G National-4 engine, the first gas engine in our country, confirming Yuchais leading place in the field of gas engines in China.
    In comparison with other Chinese enterprises specializing in the internal combustion engine industry, Yuchai is distinctly superior. In the past, Yuchai marketed the National-1 and National-2 engines 2 years before the issue of national rules, had advanced the National-3 engine by over 3 years, and now the National-4 engine that is at least 5 years ahead of national schedule. Now, Yuchai has started the research on a National-5 engine. Green technologies arouse a revolutionary storm, and Yuchai is turning to the eye of the storm.
    Building the green power capital of  China is a dream and goal for all 16,000 people of Yuchai, and the Yuchai Group will continue to pursue  this mission . I believe they will make it!
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