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Yuchai made overall improvements

    Recently, the YC18-8, YC35SR and YC75SR engines produced by Yuchai Group passed the performance test of TUV Rheinland China Corporation for CE certification.

    The test included noise, vibration, visual field and safety. The inspection team did strictly test for 6 days. The results shown that those 3 types of machines completely met with the standard of CE certificate. The gain of CE certificate means that the products met the universal European standard in hygiene, safety, and environment protection which is legally required by the European Union. It is a symbol to open the European market. Europe is a major overseas market for the construction machinery products. Yuchai has acquired a very important passport to explore the European market.
    Yuchai Group has been working hard to improve the core technology and the value of Yuchai brand. The list of top 500 most valuable Chinese brands in 2007 was released in Beijing recently. Yuchai Machine ranked 117 th and the brand value was 5.336 billion yuan according to the assessment by the World Brand committee.
    This was the third time that Yuchai listed in the top 500 Chinese brands. The first time was in 2005 the brand value was 4.337 billion yuan, ranked 125 th; and the second time the brand valued was 4.682 billion yuan, ranked 119 th in 2006. The rank and value was improved every year. Yuchai ranks the number five in the machinery industry, ranks number one in Guangxi Autonomous Region, and ranks number one in power industry.
    In 2007 the World Brand Lab did comprehensive evaluation for Chinese brands for the fourth time. The World Brand Lab adopted the "economic adaptive method" to analyze the business records such as sale income and profit, and use "economic value added measurement" to estimate the profitability of the enterprise. Also the World Brand Lab use its unique "brand added-value tool box" to calculate the contribution of the brand to the profit, and objectively predict the profit tendency for a certain period of time and the proportional contribution of the brand. Finally, it analyze the risk of market and competition environment and conclude the value of the brand.
    Yuchai brand was founded in 1988. In the past 20 years Yuchai has been focusing on quality and emphasizing on independent research and development. It has made many "firsts". It developed the first Europe-4 engine which met the emission standard with Europe. It produced the first diesel car engine with independent intellectual property right and filled in the hole in domestic market in China. It produced the first 6G Europe-4 gas engine in China and held the leader in the gas engine industry.
    Today, Yuchai is a large-scale enterprise with 28 subsidiary companies in forms of extensive investment, share control or joint stock. With the strategy of "green development and all win harmony", Yuchai presents the best "green power" image.
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