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Yuchai penetrated into Northeast of China
    In mid Jul, a ceremony was held in Daqing Cooperative of Heilongjiang for 41 "explorer" mobile combine corn harvesters of Luoyang China Harvesting Machinery Group(LCHMG). The harvesters were all powered with Yuchai's B9805 products. Yuchai's agricultural products succeeded in middle of China and were popularly sellable in northeast of China.
    As Yuchai is delivering more categories of engines to agricultural market and the quality and reliability of the products are improved, Yuchai's products are more and more competitive in agricultural market and well accepted by the customers. Particularly the "explorer" harvesters powered with B9805 engines are so durable and excellent products that they are welcome in Northeast.
    It's known that 280 "explorer" harvesters were launched in northeastern market, and sales of B9805 engine are predicted to be more than 400 units.
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