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Research project of hybrid diesel power by Yuchai and SJTU passed the examination

    August 14, the project of hybrid diesel engine cooperated by Yuchai and Shanghai Jiaotong University (SJTU) passed the exam.

    At the exam workshop in Mechanism and Power Engineering College of SJTU, the project team introduced the detailed progress, the members of the project, stages of completion and main results. During the period of the project, SJTU applied all available resources to analyze current hybrid power technologies. They completed a series of tasks stipulated in the project agreement including scheme demonstration, performance simulation, matching design, parts design and prototyping, research of control and test, calibrations and tests on parts, and whole vehicle calibrations and tests. All technical indicators stipulated in the agreement have been reached. The project adopts ISG technology for diesel power trains and buses. It is simpler and more integrated as well as better performance at low speed and higher economic efficiency on vehicles. The result of the project is entire self owned intellectual property. The project has bright future. 

    In the Hybrid Power Researching Base of SJTU, the professional exam team for the project viewed the hybrid power train and the sample vehicle. They endorsed the thoughts and methods of the design and had a test ride of the bus. Road tests, including tests for starting performance, idle performance, acceleration, and driving harshness were demonstrated by the team. All functions (such as automatic start/stop, assistance and charging) were shown on road. The professional exam team accepted the achievement of the project and offered suggestions for future works.

    Professor Yanmin Tao, the CPC chairperson of Mechanism and Power Engineering College of SJTU expressed his confidence in long term cooperation and promised to deliver more results and contributions to the development of Yuchai based on this project. Heping Liang the standing vice CEO of Yuchai pointed out that hybrid diesel power is a leading edge technology for Yuchai. He was pleased to see the 1st sample engine done so quickly. He regarded it as a great gift to the lately will be building Yuchai Engineering Institute. On behalf of Yuchai, he expressed his appreciation to the professors and graduate students of SJTU for their contribution to Yuchai's business.

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