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Ceremony was held for Yuchai Special Vehicle Company's first batch of vehicles

   Yuchai Special Vehicle Company (YSVC) made a new breakthrough in research and production from single product to scale products. In the morning of September 28th, YSVC held a ceremony in its new production base to celebrate the delivery of its first batch of dump trucks. After the vice director of Youjiang Mineral Bureau got the golden key from the president of YSVC, 8 brand new trucks drove out from the base to their new destination. 

    Leaders of Nanning city, directors of local offices of Chinese vehicle manufacturers in Guangxi and leaders of Nanning Large Vehicle Sales Company attended the ceremony.

    Engineering vehicle is a new business of YSVC. Its sales revenue reached more than 12 million Yuan last year. From January to September this year, the sales revenue were more than 45 million Yuan and could be 80 million for the whole year. The business has become a growing point of YSVC and diversified YSVC products. Ning Huang, the president of YSVC said that the direction of YSVC is "invironmental protection, engineering and special purpose". The developing target of YSVC is to be the leader in China and become an international brand.  The strategic target is "high-end and heavy duty products". The company is targeting at the sales revenue of 150 million Yuan for 2008 and trying to achieve 400 - 500 million Yuan by 2010. 

    The dump trucks manufactured by YSVC are powered with Yuchai 6M heavy duty engines with 340 horse powers. Youjiang Mineral Bureau placed a big order for 20 dump trucks. Xueping Liang said: "As we are Yuchai's long term customers, we are satisfied with Yuchai's products for its strong power, low consumption and steady performance. Before placing this order, we are investigated the market and found that Yuchai 6M engines are powerful and suitable to our operating conditions; therefore we decided to buy this batch. 2 trucks are currently being used in our bureau and we satisfied with their performance especially with the power. When sloping up with load of more than 20 tons or even 30 tons, they can make it only using gear 5."

    The future market of those vehicles is bright. The most urgent problem is the productivity. The engineering department of the company will move to the new production base early October and try to form assembly capacity by the end of this year and to produce 1500 trucks next year to achieve scale products.

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