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Jianghuai cooperated with Yuchai to launch Swordman II



    Start from September this year, Jianghuai and Yuchai based on strategic development cooperated in commercialization of series Swordman. Follows are report from Sichuan and Hubei provinces.

    On September 8, a workshop to advertising Gerfa and Swordman organized by sales division of Jianghuai was held in Jinyuan Hotel of Jinzhou city. More than 50 customers and 16 logistics companies were invited to the workshop. Most of them were heavy/medium duty truck users. Four Gerfas and Swordmen were shown during the workshop. They were all powered with Yuchai engines.

    Yuchai's office in Hubei province gave great support to the workshop. Two vice directors arranged the details of the workshop. Their work was appreciated by Jianghuai and the dealers. Jie Liu the CEO of Jinzhou dealer and leaders of Jianghuai and Yuchai addressed the workshop respectively. Jie said that as the biggest base of engine products and its good quality, Yuchai is a reliable partner for reliability, economic efficiency and after sales service of its products. He promised to continue firmly commercializing vehicles powered with Yuchai's products. Jianghuai and Yuchai both gave introductions to their products respectively during the workshop. After the workshop, the exhibited sample trucks attracted the interested of customers. They asked many details about Yuchai's engines.

    September 11, in Jinniu Hotel, Chengdu city, another product workshop was held together by Yuchai, Jianghuai and Sichuan Runtong Vehicle Sales Company. 6 samples were show on the workshop. They were: 1 HFC1083KR1, 1 HFC1045 and 4 HFC1125KR (Swordman II). Among them the HFC1083 and 4 Swordmen were powered with YC4E140-20 engines. As a new type of vehicles, Swordmen are leading in the design of operating component, decoration, drivability and stability. They also have new and high standard outfit.  They are priced at 100,000 Yuan. The Swordmen powered with YC4E140 engines were quickly introduced to market. 19 Swordmen were soled in one month before the workshop by Runtong.

    More than 4o customers and 8 logistics companies were invited to the Chengdu workshop. The managers and directors of Jianghuai and Yuchai gave speech respectively on the workshop. Yuan Xia from Yuchai's marketing division gave an introduction of Yuchai and its products. There are various activities with prizes including conditioners, refrigerators and washing machines. According survey, the customers are okay with the price of the vehicle and they like Yuchai's engines.


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