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Yuchai Group Wins a Prize of 900,000 Yuan from Yulin City Government

    In the morning of September 26, 2007, a special workshop (conference) on non-state ownership economy sponsored by Yulin City Government was held at the People's Hall in Yulin. Among all the attendees are special guests of Xiangju Jin, the Mayor, Ming Wen, the Chair of the Communist Party, and other city officials. Fourteen companies were awarded with honorary provincial-class brands and ten self-employed companies were ranked top-ten of all the companies in all Yulin. Four subsidiary companies of the Yuchai Group received prizes totaling 900,000 Yuan.  The brand of Yuchai owned by Yuchai Machine Group received a title of Most Popular Brands of China with a prize of 300,000, the multi-cylinder diesel engines owned by Yuchai Machinery Limited received the title of Most-Popular Products in China with a prize of 300,000, the diesel engines (single- and multi-cylinder series) owned by Yuchai Power Limited won the title of Most Popular Products in Guanxi Province with a prize of 150,000, and the lubricant series owned by Yuchai Lubricant Limited received the title of Most Popular Products in Guanxi Province with a prize of 150,000.

    The Yulin City Government has been promoting economic development with sound scientific foundation.  The objective of the workshop was to implement the strategy set up from a previous conference call by promoting the best 50 non-state owned companies and 50 self-employment companies in Guanxi Province . The strategy also included awarding to outstanding non-state owned companies and individuals, to the companies with the title of best brands in the province and in the country for the period of 2004 and 2006, summarizing the experience and achievement in developing non-state owned economy, and specified the tasks to be done at the next stage.  The Chairman, Ming Wen, said at the workshop that the Yulin City Government will firmly carry out "The best brand" strategy, focus on supporting and strengthening Yuchai, Yuyao, Sanhuan, Fuying, and other large state-owned enterprises, create a number of best brands made in Yulin, and promote a number of well-known companies and entrepreneurs. Yuchai as the lead company among all the Yulin enterprises plays a critical role in the economic development in Yulin. With the strategic decision of "strengthening Yuchai by Yulin also strengthening Yulin:, Yuchai should seize the opportunity to speed up its own development in order to contribute more to the economic development in Yulin. 

    As the number one brand in the internal combustion engine industry in China , Yuchai always stick to the development principle of innovation and independence, and high quality as top-priority.  After becoming the president of Yuchai in 2005, Pin Yan engaged experts to research options for Yuchai's development, and determined a strategic vision of "build Yuchai an internationally best-known brand in about ten years?.  A clear strategy for the next ten years was to promote new products through more joint adventure and cooperation domestically and internationally and introduction of advanced technologies.  In 2006, Yuchai brought a core belief of "green development and harmonious win-win".  At this green development stage, Yuchai is continuing to increase its investment on production of 1-6 cylinder car engine and diesel engine for electric generator in mechanic engineering, agriculture, shipping industry, to strengthen transformation and research, to improve quality of traditional engines, and to establish brand name for the traditional engines.  At the same time, Yuchai is researching and developing "green power"products by initiating 6 Euro 3 projects (4W, 4E, 4F , 6J, 6A , 6M ). In two years, Yuchai has developed 44 new and primary engine products all meeting the EURO 2 standards, the 9 series meeting the EURO 3 standards, and the 6A and 6L meeting the EURO 4 standards. The start of the project for small cylinder engine by Yuchai Power and Machine Limited and the project in Xiamen has further enhanced Yuchai's competitive power and brand value, and made Yuchai into the 117th position among the 500 most valuable brands in China with a value of 5.336 billion Yuan, and the top brand in both Guanxi province and China power industry. 

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