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Yuchai's 4-valve engines attracted customers

    This year Yuchai has welcomed many groups of guests. They come for the same purpose: the Yuchai's 4-valve engines.

    On September 13th, accompanied by assistant CEO of Yuchai Sales Division Guangkun Liang, a delegation of 15 dealers and customers visited Yuchai's labs and machining centers for 4-valve parts and engine assembly shop. They watched the assembly process of Yuchai's 2nd generation 4-valve 6M engines and YC 6L 4-valve CN4 engines. Those engines will run together with the upcoming Olympic Games in Beijing .

    CEO assistant of Yuchai Machinery Company Limited Dade Zhu welcomed the delegation. He appreciated their loyalty to Yuchai's 4-valve engines. Zhu said it has been 6 years since Yuchai's 4-valve engines launched into market. At present more than 16000 units of 6M and 6L 4-valve engines are running in the market. Some of them have run more than 500 thousand kilometers, some even run almost 1 million kilometers. Demanding for 6M and 6L 4-valve engines was increased greatly this year. 6M 4-valve engines have occupied 60% of 6M series due to lower oil consumption of 4-valve engines. Because of lack products of vehicle manufacturers, the supply of 6M and 6L 4-valve engines can's meet market demand. He promised Yuchai would continue to launch products more advanced than domestic competitors and hoped them to keep eyes on Yuchai's progress and to keep introducing Yuchai's products to other customers.

    The delegates said that they were loyal to Yuchai engines as Yuchai represents the best manufacturing technology in diesel engine industry in China . Mr.Zhou one of the delegates said that since 1980 he has used Yuchai's advanced products in different period, including YC6105Q, YC6105QA, YC6105QC, YC6112ZLQ, 6L 4-valve and 6M 6-valve engines. He thought that Yucha engines were advanced, oil-saving and reliable. This time he came to Yuchai for further knowing Yuchai's 4-valve CN3 engines. During the visit, he had known Yuchai's strength and its rich experience in developing products. He was more confident of Yuchai's 4-valve CN3 engines.

    With emission laws becoming stricter, 4-valve engine is the direction of the future. Yuchai as a leader in 4-valve technology has extended its advancement to end users and after sales and has owned massive royal customers. A favorable marketing situation is maturing for Yuchai's products!

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