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Yuchai excavators to be shown in three international exhibitions

    Autumn is the harvesting season after hard work. This year Yuchai Engineering Machinery Limited will show its fruits of succession in the 102th China Import and Export Fair in Guangzhou from 15th-20th of Oct, 9th Beijing International Engineering Machinery Exhibition from 16th-19th, and the 4th China-ASEAN Expo in Nanning, Guangxi.

    YEML has well prepared for the 3 exhibitions. The products have been sent and all supportive materials for advertising are ready. The leaders of the company will lead a delegation of domestic salespersons, international salespersons and technicians to attend the exhibitions to show YEML's products and to answer questions from customers.

    Yuchai's products to be shown on the China Import and Export Fair are: 3 excavators - YC15-8, YC18-2 and YC35SR, 1 YCC30CD forklift and 1 LW 6A rear excavator.

    The products to be shown on Beijing International Engineering Machinery Exhibition are: 6 excavators -- YC18-8, YC35-8, YC60-8, YC85-8, YC225-8 and mini rotary excavator model YC35SR, and 2 forklifts - YCC30CD-3 and YCC50CD-3.

    The products to be shown on China-ASEAN Expo are: YC35-6, YC60-6 and YC85-6 excavators and 1 YCC30CD-3 forklift.

    The YC-8 series were upgraded from YC-7 series. The series includes six categories. They are YC225-8, YC85-8, YC60-8, YC35-8, YC18-8 and YC35SR. The series are powered with YC6108ZQB, YC 4108G and YC 4F engines. Several key parts are imported such as pumps, valves and motors.  The YC-8 series also used fuel auto-filling system, electronic throttle, auto-idling, electronic monitoring and conditioner.  The new DCPD material is used on the YC-8 for painting.  The Operation component was improved to more people oriented.  The outfit of the series is also more streamlined. The series have numerous functions such as excavating, pulverizing, duct-cleaning and clawing. They can be widely used in construction, traffic, city facilities, landscape and agricultural facilities.

    YEML is a Sino-foreign joint-venture enterprise mainly specializing in production and sales of medium/small engineering machineries. The company is the earliest manufacturer entered the field of small excavator in China and is a main exporting base of small excavators. YEML is always the leader of the engine industry in China . In order to keep the advantage, Yuchai Group made a ten-year plan for the engineering machinery business. The goals are: to be listed in securities market in 2008; to complete scaling up its product line and to achieve annual sales and production more than 5 billion Yuan in 5 years, to achieve annual sales and production of 10 billion Yuan and to become a international brand in 10 years.

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