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Yuchai English club is founded
    On December 16, 2007, Yuchai English club hold its first meeting and had its first day activities on studying and communication. People interested in studying English in Yuchai have asked for an English club for a long time. Now their dream becomes true. The club drafted its regulations and elected 13 council members.
    More than 120 people attended the opening meeting. They are: Ping Liang, the CCP chairperson of Yuchai's CCP committee; Yingxian Rao, the chairperson of employee Union; Jianxing Lin, the overseas market director; Jiaxiong Zhang, senior translator; Yongchang Zhang, the assistant director of overseas market department; Shenglan Wan, the director of Yuchai training center; and many English enthusiasts, foreign friends, as well as English teachers from Guangxi University.
    The meeting was hosted by English enthusiasts using both languages. Ping Liang, the chairperson of Yuchai's CCP committee made an effusive speech. She said that it's great to see so many young people interested to learn English. She indicated that Yuchai need talented people with good English. She hoped that the English club could help people to improve their English and serve the company. Mr. Jianxing Lin gave a speech in English. He said that Yuchai was facing the opportunity and challenge of globalization; English is very important for the internationalization strategy; Yuchai English club is a very good place for studying English. He encouraged English learner not to be afraid of mistakes during studying. He told them to improve their listening, speaking, reading and writing abilities together. Council members Lifang Yang and Manman Yang spoke of their own experience and future plans. Their active speech animated the serious meeting and showed the positive image of Yuchai's young people. Club President Quanfu Liu introduced the regulations and talked about his experience in both languages. He said that studying foreign language is the best way to explore their language potential. He hoped that all members should keep studying and explore their potential.
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