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Yuchai Accessory Manufacturing Company established monthly meeting system for production safety

    Its especially important to ensure the production safety during the high gear production time. In order to ensure the production Yuchai Accessory Manufacturing Company stressed on production safety. In the morning of February 19th, the Company held the first monthly meeting for production safety. Leaders of the company Lin Zhang, Bojiang Huang, Zhisheng Su, and managers of each department attended the meeting.

    The manager from the safety department reported the inspection of safety conditions in January. He pointed out the existing problems and hidden dangers and set the works for February.

    The Deputy General Manager of the Accessory Company Lin Zhang reported on recent production performance. He said that we should pay more attention to the safety even though the requirement for more production is high. He said several points on safety. They are: First, always follow the safety guidelines; second, ensure the safety, of employees; third, intensify training   for all employees; fourth, improve the safety management system; fifth, implement the environment improving projects which including company image project, safety evaluation project, dust and poison management, and so on.

    Chairman of the employees Union Bojiang Huang emphasized: each department should organize the training for all employees; should intensify the supervision and inspection on workplace, should pay much attention to hidden fault and fix it immediately; and should do their best to guarantee the safety.

    The holding of the first monthly meeting for production safety indicated that the Accessory Company took new steps on production safety and would improve the system and standardize the safety management.


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