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Yuchai National-3 engine exhibited in the new product release conference hosted by Foton Automobile

    Early bird catches the worm. Changsha Foton Automobile Factory held a new product release conference in Guangzhou on February 24th, 2008 and introduced its National-3 series products. More than 120 people attended the conference, including Director of Changsha Foton Automobile Factory Tianfeng Xie, Deputy General Manager of Yuchai Machinery Company Qiwei Wu, dealers of Foton automobile, and users.

    Chief Manager of Yuchai Guangdong Office Weibin Huang also led a team to participate in this new product release conference. Qiwei Wu made a passionate speech and Chief Technician of Yuchai Technical Support Department Tiebing Hu introduced the features of Yuchai National-3 products and the information of service and maintenance.

    In the conference, Changsha Foton showed 6 models of National-3 vehicles. Three of them equipped with Yuchais YC4D, 4E and 6J engines. Changsha Foton Automobile Factory indicated that Yuchais engine had always been and would remain their major matching product because of its excellent quality and advanced technology. The dealers and users confirmed the expression with their warm applause. Many dealers and users tested the new cars. Yuchais staff introduced the product and answered their questions.


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