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Yuchais goal of this year is to achieve sales income of 2.43 billion and sales of 640,000 diesel

    Last year Yuchais sales income reached 1.835 billion Yuan and sold 504,100 diesel engines. Based on the excellence performance of last year, Yuchai hopes to keep on fast develop this year. The target sales income projected for this year is 2.30 billion Yuan or even a higher level of 2.43 billion The target output is to produce and sale 640,000 engines. Our journalist learned from the third meeting of Yuchais 15th workers conference on February 20th.

    This year, Yuchai will fully implement the strategy of strengthening diesel engine for the prosperity of Yuchai. It include: fully utilize the platform of Yuchai Industrial Park; optimize the industrial structure and the product structure of diesel engine; import and develop core parts;  integrate the internal resources of parts; build the leading enterprise in parts industry; establish a parts industry group; fully utilize the opportunity of the signature of The North Gulf Economic Zone was approved by the cetral government; speed up the building of financing system;  improving the management of investment and financing; strengthen the reform of company management system; seek strategic cooperative partners; improve legal person management structure in subsidiary companies; improve the property representative system; reconstruct the relationship between shareholders right and business management; eliminate discrimination inside the Group; strengthen and expand the industrial chain; pay more attention to the project cooperated with National Development Bank and the overseas market plan and overseas listing of the Construction Company as well as the investment on 200,000 tons of solvent naphtha project in Qinzhou; increase the productivity and the level of equipment, technology and products; and produce new economic growth points in the Group.  

    Early this year, Yuchai proposed the strategic mission of excellent quality and international Yuchai in the sales and service meeting in Changsha . Last year, Yuchai exported more than 29,000 diesel engines and registered Yuchais trademark in more than 50 countries. The goal of this year is to sell 50,000 diesel engines abroad.

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