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Touching service in Yuchai Changsha service station

    January 29, 2008, another ice rain ruined Hunan province. The outdoor temperature fell to minus 9. At about 10 oclock in the morning, Zeng Lingqing, a user of Yuchai engine in Liuyang, called for help. His truck loaded with fresh food was broken and stuck on the highway. The technician in Changsha service station asked the symptom from him and determined that the oil pipe was frozen and blocked by wrong fuel. Because the user could not repair the truck under the special condition at the special time, the station captain Lizhi Tao prepared all necessary parts and led a team to head for the spot immediately.

    The team could not drive to the location because thousands of vehicles were stuck on the highway due to ice and snow. They  walked to the spot. As soon as they arrived they immediately worked on the truck without any break. After more than one hour, they fixed the truck. When they finished everything and were ready to leave, the driver held their hands  and told them emotionally that only Yuchai had such good quality and excellent service. He indicated that he would definitely choose Yuchai engine when he buy vehicle next time.

    During the icy period, Changsha service station received 40 to 50 similar calls, and if the circumstances permitted, the service people would do their best to help the users within 24 hours.

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