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The Construction Company held a coordinating meeting with suppliers of Yulin city

    Yuchai Construction Company held a coordinating meeting with 19 suppliers of Yulin district (including Wuzhou) in the meeting room on 4th floor of the administrative office building in Luchuan production base. The purpose of this meeting is to tell the suppliers the importance of good quality and punctual delivery of their supplying products, and ask for their good cooperation especially in the busy season. Deputy General Manager of the Construction Company Daichu Zhang, Chief Engineer Guoyuan Pan, and Manager of the supplying department Danyang Zhong were present at the meeting. The director of the Supplier Committee Yanguang Wu hosted the meeting. The main contents of the meeting were reporting the product-supplying situation in 2007, and coordinating the work in 2008. Deputy General Manager of the Construction Company first addressed the meeting, and presented 2 requirements to suppliers: first was to exert all effort to prepare for the busy production season during March and May; second was to cooperate with the Construction company in surface painting, assembly and point-of-use delivery of the parts. Then, the manager of the supplying department Danyang Zhong made a report on the order fulfillment rate and timely rate in 2007. He emphasized the importance of timely product supply in right quality and quantity, and asked the suppliers to improve the fulfillment of the purchasing scheme as fast as they could. And then, Manager of the Quality Assurance Department Yanguang Wu reported the quality of suppliers in 2007, and urged the suppliers to improve their service, strictly comply with the quality agreement, and meet the quality control index for purchased items of the Construction Company.

    General Engineer Guoyuan Pan made a summary speech. He proposed 6 requirements to the suppliers: first, to cooperate in the surface painting work; second, to establish the capability of process control; third, to improve the product inspection standard, and keep it in conformity with the host machine factory; fourth, to improve the inspection method, especial for products of complicated structure; fifth, to have protective measures to handle abnormal or exceptional events, so as to assure the stability of product supply; sixth, to cooperate actively with the host machine factory, have more communication, and provide good on-spot service for the factory.

    This meeting helped to improve the communication between the Construction Company and suppliers. It would achieve good effect in aspects of timely delivery, quality, and surface painting work. It laid a solid foundation for mutual relationship and for the fulfillment of business goal of this year.

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