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Midea bus drove into Tibet escorted by Yuchai's warm service
In the afternoon of February 22 nd, 2008, 20 Midea buses equipped with Yuchai power started off from Changsha, Hunan, and drove to Lahsa, the capital city of Tibet located 5000 km away.
A team of Midea bus equipped with Yuchai engines drove into Lahsa
Yuchai Tibet office was highly attentive to the first entrance of Midea buses into Tibet, and provided careful service for the entire journey. They contacted each service station and office of Yuchai along the journey route to ask for their support and get information about the road and weather condition. Their effective organization and thoughtful service guaranteed smooth travel of the bus team in their way to Lahsa.
On February 26 th, 2008, when the bus team traveled through Xining city in Qinghai province, director of Yuchai Tibet office Changjun Li led the office staff to greet the travelers, and brought them highland drinks and oxygen bags to prevent and relieve the altitude stress in plateau.
On March 2 nd, 2008, the Midea bus team arrived in Lahsa. Yuchais service team in Tibet welcomed them, and gave them maintenance manual of diesel engine. They would work together with Midea to guarantee the smooth operation of the buses. 
Midea buses parked in Lahsa Bus Company
Now, Lahsa is becoming a world-famous tourist city, and its very necessary to improve the bus system. The Midea Bus took this opportunity to enter the market, and they would draw a beautiful picture in the streets of Lahsa.
True love is revealed in the details. A series of thoughtful activities fully showed Yuchais sincere and overall service. Yuchais warm service was highly appraised by users.
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