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Group meeting about training in 2008

    On Feb 25 Yuchai Group organized a meeting on the third floor of Engine Building . The topics of the meeting were: to improve the effect of training program; to improve the quality of employees; to build a efficient management team; and to reach the business target of 2008. .It was the biggest meeting about training issue since the Group integrated the training resources. It represented a new milestone on training.

    President of the Group Ping Yan, CEO of the corporation Tiansheng Li, Deputy chairpersons of the local CCP Biqing Liu and Jiasha Zhang, Chairperson of the CCP Committee of the corporation Ping Liang, directors of each department, and winners of regional electrician skill competition attended the meeting. Vice chairman of the Groups Trade Union Yingxian Rao hosted the meeting. Director of the Training Center Shenglan Wan  made a report on the training work. The report summarized what happened in  2007 regarding training. Some of the results are: organized training for 13165 person-times; offered 8 classes in different education levels; set up one new class for the college graduates and Masters separately. The training program  was excellent. There were also problems of the program such as insufficiency of infrastructure; inaccurate judgment of the demand; lack of overall planning; no clear direction of the organizing; misuse of personnel; poor job on the follow-up ; and loose control of the management costs. Facing those problems and the requirements of training in the future, Shenglan Wan presented the training plan for 2008: to stick on the principles of standard management; to efficiently use funding; to implement of 4 practices; to ensure the quality of each lesson;  to use weekly lecture, special subject training, ELN online study, remote education and training classes.The goals of training center are:  to complete two systems; to reform two concepts; to implement two emphasis to accomplish two developments; to satisfy two needs; and to realize two promotions.

    President Ping Yan pointed out the importance of training from his experience. He said: the training should be kept in line with direction of the whole Group especially in the direction of building an international enterprise Group and should be focused on the strategic talent pool and resolution of real problems. Its priorities are: to integrate the existing resource of the Group; to maximize the benefit from available resource; and to make such resource available to all employees. All training funding must be come from one direction and spent on one purpose. The Training center should have creative ideas of its content and style. It must learn from the past training experience and be improved continuously. Ping Yan required that the leaders and employees should love their works and all departments of the Group should highly value the training and to support it both human resource and financially. He encouraged people to cooperate to make the training program work well.

    General Manager Tiansheng Li drafted five points: 1.Activeness, the training must involve all employees and must change the study attitude from passive to active, from ask me to learn to I ask to learn; 2. focus on skill, the skill training for workers on production line was doing well, but the occupational training for leaders and staff in support departments need be improved;3 find the potential instructors from inside, besides inviting teachers from outside, its also important to utilize instructors from inside of Yuchai 4. be efficient and diversified the training program must produce results and the style of the training should  be diversified;  the mode of the training need to renovate continuously; the employees should have a say about the training. 5. Flexible, the training center should organize the training activities according to the production necessity; all departments should apply for training according to their demands; and the training center should check the applications and coordinate the training flexibly.

    5 winners of the 2007 regional electrician skill competition were rewarded in the meeting. They are Xianli Liu, Qinglin Zhang, Qingsi Zhong, Yongren Lu, and Shouping Wen. The leaders of Tiansheng Li, Biqing Liu and Ping Liang presented prizes to these winners. 

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