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The Group strengthens the safety instruction and supervision to subsidiary companies

    Safety is the guarantee for fast and smooth development of an enterprise. President Yan Ping specially emphasized in the employees conference of this year that all leaders in subsidiary companies must value  the production safety and must ensure the safety of both human and properties.

    In the first quarter, all related subsidiary companies are operating at full capacity to ensure the output. To guarantee the safety, the Safety Offices intensified the supervision on the frontline.They carefully examine the working condition and present the requirements of improvements to each subsidiary company. They established the system of monthly safety meeting. On February 27th this year, Yuchai Group held a production safety meeting; Deputy General Manager Chengjie Li, leaders in Safety Supervision Office, and safety supervisors of each subsidiary company attended the meeting.

    Chengjie Li analyzed the existing problems in production safety and set requirements for the leaders: Because the safety is still a weak spot and the working conditions are different in subsidiary companies, all managers must pay much more attention to the safety issues; must have a sense of urgency; should improve the ability in safety management; be incumbent to supervise the production safety; keep studying and researching to become a skilled leader; continue target management and sign the contract of safety responsibility. The requirements for all subsidiary companies are: must establish regular safety meeting system on all management levels; strength the safety auditing; disclose the hidden unfixed problems; accept public supervision on safety issues; outside units should participate in the local safety meeting and accept supervision from local government.

    Director of the Safety Supervision Office Baqiang Huang made a report on the safety around the Chinese New Year and gave instructions on safety work in March:


1.       Strengthen the training and inspection. The Safety Supervision Office need draft all safety standards for each subsidiary company and organize training for all impacted employees. The safety supervisors should remember safety requirements. Safety Supervision Office will random check the safety conditions.

2.       Improve the system and post regulations on board. Each subsidiary company should review and improve the instructive documents related to production safety, such as safe production regulations and operation procedures. These documents should be posted on a board to remind the employees of safety.

3.       Make the leader know their responsibility and on duty system. Each subsidiary company must pay huge attention to the safety issues. During the busy period, each company must make sure: always have leaders on duty; make sure the employees get enough rest and should intensify supervision to prevent neglects.

4.       Remember the safety rules and prevent any possible accident. Each safety manager should remember the safety rules and be well prepared in any time. With the coming spring, we should protect the equipment, electricity and products against moisture and prevent the hidden danger.

    The action of strengthening the safety issues taken by the executive made all employees understood the importance of safety and strengthened the management system. It built a solid foundation for improving business quality, ensuring the production output, and set a good start in the first season of this year.

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