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Yuchai Engineering Research Academy won the title of "National Advanced Collective in Patent System"

In January 2008, the Ministry of Personnel and the State Intellectual Property Office bestowed Yuchai Engineering Research Academy the honorable title of National Advanced Collective in Patent System. Yuchai was the only enterprise in Guangxi that gained the honor.

Since Yuchai was authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office to be an experimental unit of the intellectual property project in 2006, Yuchai Engineering Research Academy has been improving the intellectual property management platform in all aspects, promoting the construction of patent management system, and creating patented technologies constantly.

In recently years, Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd has applied more and more patents, and the quantity of patent applications was number one in Guangxi in 2007, which owed to the hard work of all members of the company. So far, Yuchai has applied for 322 patents, 163 of them approved, and has created prominent social and economic benefits.

The honor granted to Yuchai Engineering Research Academy is a high praise to the excellent performance on the patent work, and also a strong encouragement for more achievements in the future.

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