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Yuchai female employees showed their charm

    2008 is the year of Beijing Olympic Game and also the key year for Yuchai to achieve the goal of building another Yuchai in 3 years. More than 4800 female employees are working hard  at different positions in Yuchai and have created extraordinary achievements. 

    Chunying Lin is a digital control equipment operator in the cold process factory. Shes devoted to her job and does an excellent work. There was a problem that made the drill easy to break. She solved the problem very well and improved the product quality by carefully observed the operating process and proposed methods to improve the cutting parameters and optimize the procedure. Her methods have been introduced to 2 other sections and may save 140,000 Yuan on the cost of drill each year. Chunying Lin has become a star employee and a model in the factory for her excellent work. 

    Lijiao Lu is the only female team leader in the engine assembly section of the First Engine Factory. She becomes the model of the factory by efficient managing her area. She divides the working area into segments and requires that each worker keep the area clean and tidy. In order to improve skill and technology, Lijiao Lu is studying in the machinery design, manufacture and automation class in Huazhong University of Science and Technology in her spare time and continuously applies the knowledge into practice. Shes a real expert of the assembly line and has been awarded the title of Excellent Quality Worker for many times.

    Chunying Lin and Lijiao Lu are the representatives of all female employees in Yuchai. They are not only diligent and intelligent, but also active and positive. In 2007, 311 female employees attended schools to upgrade their knowledge; 308 people studied for a second degree; 9 people obtained senior engineer; 30 people obtained engineer; 32 people gained technicians; 95 obtained senior technical titles; and 233 obtained technical titles.

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