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Yuchai Group held a meeting on population control

    In the afternoon of March 5th, Yuchai Group held a meeting on population control in the meeting room of Yuchai community. Chairperson of Yuchai Party Committee Ping Liang, Vice chairperson of Yuchai Gourp Party Committee Zuyan Huang, Deputy General Manager of Yuchai Group Chengjie Li, Vice Chairperson of Trade Union of Yuchai Group Yingxian Rao, Chief of Legislation Section of Yulin Population Control Committee Jiajin Chen, chairperson of Party Committee of Population Control Bureau in Yuzhou District Chenjie Wei, Chairperson of Party Committees in all level organizations, chairprson of branch trade unions, workwomans director, and team leaders of residential teams attended the meeting. The chief of Yuchai community Qingguang Zeng hosted the meeting. 

    In the meeting, Qingguang Zeng highlighted the main points from the population control meeting held on February 29th in Yulin City . Yingxian Rao presented the announcement of the Procedure of Special Program to control population in Cities and Towns. Yuhua Liu, population control commissioner of Yuchai community, announced the requirements and plan for population control in Yuchai Group and Yuchai community.

    Ping Liang gave a speech on the necessity and importance of population control in cities and towns. He required that the department leaders should make people aware the purpose, meaning and importance of the program; should apply right methods; and should strictly comply with the requirements in the procedure to implement the program well.


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