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Yuchai organized a series of activity of "bringing young volunteers into Yuchai society"

Like the the breeze start to wakes leaves, the volunteers are spreading the spirit of Lei Feng (a soldier whos remembered by Chinese people for his unselfish service for the people) with their passion. Under the slogan of uphold the volunteer spirit, build harmonious Yulin, Yuchai Communist Youth League Committee organized a series of activity of bringing young volunteers into Yuchai society on March 1st to serve the residents in Yuchai; provide warm service to Yuchai employees; and to cheer up employees..

There were many high quality activities. Yuchai League Committee along with League Committee of Yulin Technology School, League Branch of the Fourth Peoples Hospital, Youth Health Guide Center, and League Branch of Guinan Hospital, provided many services for residents in Yuchai. Some examples of the volunteer activities are: computer maintenance, house appliances maintenance, automobile, motorcycle and bike maintenance, psychological consultation, health consultation, legal consultation, cloth alterations, and so on. The Technology School sent senior technicians and skillful maintenance people to help repairing house appliances. The Fourth Hospital and the Youth Health Guide Center sent their famous doctors to give medical and psychological consultation. Guinan Hospital sent a senior surgeon who studied in Japan to give people advice for health. Yuchai Trade Union and Workwoman Committee did repair and alterations for clothes. Members of Yuchai League Committee served people in most of those activities.. The purpose of those activities was to solve problems for Yuchai employees and to provide them a warm living environment.

During the activities, the League Committee requested the the young people of Yuchai to work hard on their position; continue the spirit of contribution, saving and helping others; love Yuchai?; love their career; be creative and effective; and do their best to serve the people.

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