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Yuchai Duoling Commercial Conference held in Hubei Province

    The opening Ceremony of Yuchai Duoling Engine Ltd. was held in the morning of September 28, a day in the beautiful autumn. After the opening ceremony, the commercial conference of Yuchai industry zone organized by the government of Wuxue city was held at Wuxue Cinema. Meijing Wu the mayor of Wuxue, Tangsheng Gu the standing vice CEO of Yuchai Group, Hanyang Li the president of Yuchai Duoling, Xiaoyan Chen the CEO of Yuchai Duoling, Jianfang Shi the representative of Yuchais suppliers, Weiliang Wei the representative of Yuchais dealers, and suppliers from around China,  the leaders of various levels of local government as well as reports together about 900 peoples attended the conference.

    Meijing Wu, Tangsheng Gu, and Hanyang Li addressed the conference passionately. Meijing Wu, the mayor of Wuxue said that 200 hectares was allocated by Wuxue to Yuchai Duoling Industrial Zone. He promised to create favorable environment for investors. Hanyang Li the president of Yuchai Duoling introduced the specialty, experience and responsibilities of Yuchai Duoling. He pointed out that Yuchai Duoling regards benefit farmers as its responsibility and aims at eliminate slipshodness and deliver hi-tech to farmers. He invited all suppliers to work with Yuchai to serve China s agriculture and to contribute to the development of agriculture.

    After those speeches, the suppliers of Yuchai had a group discussion about cooperation and development. The Yuchai Duoling Commercial Conference was successfully closed after an appreciation-expressing cocktail party offered by Wuxue municipality.

    The successful conference foster win-win between Yuchai and the suppliers and will contribute to the development of Yuchai Group and the local economy.


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