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President Ping Yan was awarded "the Pioneer of Chinese Industrial Economy"

    February 22nd and 23rd, the fourth yearly selection of outstanding individual of Chinese Industrial Economy was held in Beijing . President Ping Yan was awarded the Pioneer of Chinese Industrial Economy, and Yuchai Machinery Group Co., Ltd was awarded the Model Organization of Chinese Industrial Economic Pioneer.

    The Selection was organized jointly by Chinese Production Institute, Management Association of Chinese National Defense Industrial Enterprises, Development Research Academy of China, and China Industry Newspaper with the theme of innovation, development, motivation and influence., The awards were given to the model organizations and individuals who made huge contributions to the healthy and fast development of Chinese Industrial Economy. Some of the awards are the Pioneer of Chinese Industrial Economy; 10 Excellent Individual of Chinese Industrial Economy, Model organization of Chinese Industrial Economic Pioneer, Best 100 Enterprise of Industrial Economy in China , etc.

    Some of the achievements of Yuchai under the leadership of Ping Yan in last year are: Introduced the core concept of green development and all win in harmony; set the direction of saving energy, environment protection, and return to the society; the first enterprise in China introduced National-3 diesel engine into market; the first enterprise developed the National-4 and National-5 diesel engine; the first enterprise produced diesel car engine; was number one in production and sales of diesel engine among independent factories in the world; was the leader in China on production, sales and intellectual property rights; the first engine enterprise obtained the export inspection free certificate; become the model of enterprise management in China; and increased the overall management level of domestic engine industry. With all these outstanding achievements, president Ping Yan received the highest honor of the Pioneer of Chinese Industrial Economy, together with 11 other winners including president of Daqing Oil Field Qingpu Wang, General Manager of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation Yupu Wang, President of Shanghai Zhenhua Port Machinery Co., Ltd Tongxian Guan, etc.

    Yuchai Machinery Group Co., Ltd was chosen the Model Organization of Chinese Industrial Economic Pioneer for its excellent performance in 2007 and the achievement on research and production of green engine.


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