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Guests from Vietnam Industry Ministry visited Yuchai

    On March 12th, the Vice Minister of Vietnam Industry Ministry Wenzhu Wu leading a delegation arrived Yuchai. They were welcomed by Yuwei Zhong, assistant of the General Manager of Yuchai Machinery Corporation, and Jianxing Lin the Chief Supervisor of international market.

    The guests visited workshops and some development and research areas and had a meeting with Yuchais leaders on the fourth floor of the Power Building. Yuwei Zhong briefed about Yuchai and explained the strategies of product development and international marketing. He asked about the current situation of automobile and engine market in Vietnam and the direction of future development of Vietnam.

    The purposes of Wenzhu Wu and his delegation were to investigate the development of automobile and related industries and the capability, technology, management, and labor force of big enterprises. They were looking for cooperation opportunities to help Vietnam with its automobile industry. As the biggest internal combustion engine producer in China, Yuchai has huge influence on the development of Chinese automobile industry. This is the reason why they must come to Yuchai.

    The visit of Vietnam guests brought Yuchai new information of the international market and sped up its internationalization.

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